Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Future is Perfect

Due to the immense amount of spoilers in this post, I put a picture of the linkshell as a cover for what's to come to not intentionally spoil anything. If you want to save or shield yourself from the pictures/spoilers of the final quest in the current Final Fantasy XIV storyline, I suggest exiting out of this post.

On with the post!

I finally got to start the R46 (and currently final main storyline quest) "Futures Perfect" in Final Fantasy XIV.

After activating the quest in the Merchant's Ward in Ul'dah. I was instructed by Minfilia to go to Camp Revenant's Toll in Mor Dhona to investigate the Empire invasion.

I took two linkshell members/friends of mine to help with the quest. Candlestar Arandur (left, also needed the quest), and Saltyblanket Hobnobgobbler (right, came along for fun).

The boss fight involved chasing several Imperial Soldiers down to a cannon which proceeded to fire in a radial circle following either Candle, Salty, or myself while fighting the soldiers simultaneously. If the cannon were to start beeping with the fire target underneath us, we had to move quickly or be fired upon for 9600-9999 damage.

After some fighting, the Imperial Soldiers decided to run even more, and we chased them down the purple-ish corridor you see above. We were then treated to a bunch of motion-capture cutscenes with NPC fellow as you'll see below.

As always, here's my NPC Shandomina being well... her sarcastic alliterative self.

After seeing epic cutscene that these pictures couldn't do justice. (Shandomina even talked!), Candle and I woke up in a cave with children and were treated to more cutscenes. (Salty was ejected back to camp due to not meeting quest requirement.)

And that's the end of it, pretty much. (For now.) I suppose the original plan was to have more in-game storyline implemented by now, but due to the old development team being fired and replaced, I imagine that got put on hold, which means the current storyline ends on a very epic cliffhanger where the empire goes back sorely defeated and likely wanting revenge. Why did they aim for Mor Dhona in particular anyway? And what will happen to the defeated Resistance?

The co-leader of my linkshell, Crevox Shadeseer has his own blog here which he .DAT mined the next quest and it involves a certain summon we all know and love. I'm looking forward to when they implement that in the future, but until then I will get to work on doing class quests and enjoying time with the Viva Eorzea Linkshell. :)

Until Monday!
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