Saturday, May 14, 2011

Meticulous Middle-of-May Musings

As very many of you know, I've been out most of this week feeling very ill. While stuck in bed, I spent the majority of the week going through with the implementation of the battle system for the Codename: EPIC project.

For those of you who use RPG Maker VX, you'd know as well as I do that the default battle system really sucks. If you're a beginning RPG developer, I'd go for XP if you don't know much about programming.

It took about two weeks to implement this battle system fully. It uses Tankentai's SBS battle script as a base for the coding but that's about it. The SBS battle script by itself looks too similar to old-school style Final Fantasy games to suit my tastes: If you don't believe me, you can see all these videos.

So I was inspired to re-tool it into a top-down perspective for the sake of the game looking unique as opposed to being just another recycled side battle system.

Beta testing for the battle system of the game project will be from June 13th to June 19th, 2011. I will post more info about it as I get close to finishing the system as a whole. I want to swap out the default monster art in favor of stuff that is developed by the team as well as a lot of the animations need to be re-done so it looks unique and fresh. The art is going to be the aspect of the game that will take the longest to do, and I'd rather not rush it.

(I also want to redo the looks of the damage numbers, too italic for my tastes.)

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