Thursday, May 12, 2011

Plans for leading Viva Eorzea - New linkshell leading philosophy

Up until now, I've made it a personal policy to not play XIV on the weekdays due to other commitments. (I also attribute it to a lack of motivation.)

But recently, new dungeons from future patches have been leaked.

These were taken from a poster on NekoSentai, here is a collection of all the pictures on a safe non-18+ link.

Coupled with the fact that Yoshi-P hinted in Letter from the Producer IX that more quest hubs and dungeons for level 30 and 50 players are coming.

For this reason, I've started to play more often on weekdays (when there is free time) and use this time to work on getting Gladiator to rank 50 and Conjurer to rank 38 (for Raise). So I urge all linkshell members to keep working on the classes they love playing so we can gather a competent group of people to knock out this new dungeon content on release, and I also recommend getting Conjurer to at least rank 10 so everyone has Stoneskin and Shock Spikes (incase we decide to low-man these in the future.)

New LS Leadership Philosophy:

Due to a shift in focus from putting an emphasis on large-scale 15-person battles from the old development team into teams of 4 and 8, I'm also changing the focus of the linkshell.

By now we have essentially a core set of LS members. Sure some of them are shared with neighboring linkshells, and I don't really have a problem with that at all. The old linkshell philosophy was to round up as many people as possible to do (what I hoped would have been) large scale NM fights and what not with 10-15 people. Now that's changed and we went from a group of 128+ to about 45-50 dedicated friends/linkshell members. I want to shift the focus as well to being more of a close-knit group than an open linkshell. For this reason I'm abandoning all of the strict rules and making it more friendly.

From here on out, I'm going to discourage open recruiting and only emphasize bringing new members in if they're friends of current LS members and/or genuinely cool people. That way we can work to get all of our members good gear and accomplishments in a timely fair manner and reduce the amount of "snobs", "douchebags", and "elitists", so to say. :)

I'm also going to be more lax on the requirements to become a sackholder and/or moderator in the linkshell, but I will only entrust those who play somewhat often to have a pearlsack within the LS to maintain order and not eat up any dead spaces.


Anyway, I did have more that I was going to say, but the medicine is knocking me out. I may edit this post later if there was something I wanted to add.
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