Friday, May 6, 2011

Very tired, but very happy! Weekend plans and accomplishments! :)

A rant, but a happy one nonetheless!

Codename: EPIC

There's nothing that makes me happier than seeing progress. Progress in some sort of fashion, at least. I spent the last couple of hours (save for the two blackouts that happened out of nowhere) working on an updated battle system for my upcoming game project. I'm not ready to show pictures of it to the public just yet, but it is getting there.

But the game feels like one giant unfinished puzzle. Slowly all of the pieces are coming together while everyone works on their own section of said puzzle.

I'm also very grateful (and I'll probably end up saying this many times) to have such a talented group of friends who were willing to sign on with the project. I really like how the game is coming together, and screen-shots of the new battle system should be coming before the end of the month!

I have a lot of ideas and systems written down on paper that I really want to try and/or execute with this project, I'll need to write it all out on paper just so I don't annoy my friends/team members to death. (As if I don't already. :P)

Xbox 360 Project:

I signed on with a few of my classmates/peers/friends to work on groundwork for a "MMO" for the 360. I'm not going to spill any details of the game (they probably wouldn't let me, anyway), but I'm going to be involved with the programming and some mapping of the project, and we will be presenting what we did and our contributions as a senior project which will be most likely a year from now. We'll see. I want to get my B.S. first and that doesn't require a senior project. This will be likely for my second degree.

Developers' Interest Group:

Remember that thing I said I was going to a few days ago in Hollywood?

Well, it was interesting, but totally not what I expected. I got to meet some interesting people there, and don't think it's going to be a professional venue to show off what I'm working on. I really want to put this on a resume as a big software project I'm working on in a team. And it's a nerdy hobby anyway, nerdy hobbies are always fun. I'm planning on going back in a few months, but probably after they've established themselves, and I've gotten a decent way through the project(s) I'm working on.


I'm going to be spending most of Friday working on the Tube skit. We'll see how that comes out later today. I'll edit this blog post and post it if it's done before Sunday.

We'll be meeting on Saturday to film a skit Ian was working on. Well, at least part of it. (As we have no indoor areas.) We may also get a bonus sketch done in time. We'll see.

After the meeting, I'm going to see one of my friends (and also a fellow BETA/EPIC member) perform in a circus show in Redlands and then the late night and beyond I'll be doing rank 40 guildleves with the Linkshell.


I was also informed that Sunday is Mother's Day, so I'll need to take a visit to the cemetery and also get some flowers.

It's going to be a fairly busy weekend, but I am looking forward to it! Make sure to spend time with your Moms on the special day.

Until Sunday, friends!

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