Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wishy-Washy Writings of Wednesday

Where to start?


The past few days (since my last blog entry), I've been feeling a lack of motivation to do any work on any of my projects. I've also been more apathetic to people and started saying the "c"-word to people. Yeah, "cool". I hate hearing that word, because it gives the impression (or fact, even) that the person just doesn't care about what you're saying to them. Ooh, and "nice" too. That makes me angry.

I try to make it a personal policy to engage in a conversation and actually hold a listening ear to people, because people don't seem to do that much anymore nowadays.

For example:

Situation A:

"Hey, Grover! I was able to do x, y, z today!"
"That's great! I was glad you were able to do x, y, z. Congratulations!"

Situation B:

"Hey, Grover! I was able to do x, y, z today!"

Now is it just me or does situation B come off as just snide and insulting? The person takes their time and energy to share with you their excitement of the day and the best one can come up with is a one-word response.

Though, I'd have to call myself a hypocrite for accidentally saying it in my moment of apathy. I'm usually non-apathetic when it comes to my friends. I honestly, truly care about any conversation one brings up to me and I try to put my points clear on the table, unless I'm in a really bad mood, which I guess could be why I'm feeling this way.

So, if you had to unexpectedly deal with my apathy today, I apologize. It's normally against my nature.

Developer's Interest Group:

Later today, I'm going to be heading to Hollywood with two of my friends to the Developers' Interest Group. It's ran by SoftEgg which apparently publishes titles for the Nintendo DS and related systems. The event is claimed to be for event for "developers, artists, musicians, writers, designers, engineers, filmmakers, producers, directors and other creative folk". So I'm very interested to see how this turns out. If it's any good, I'll blog about it on Friday!

Also: If this DIG event is any good, expect me to show off our game project at the end of the year.


Expect another skit to come out this weekend, with Friday at the earliest. I'll most likely be handling the editing of this skit as well as the next one which is posted next week. After that, I'm going to take a break from editing and other members will do some of the future skits. (Though I haven't determined who quite yet.) But it is clear that I know who to trust to get things done on time and at least some kind of notification on why if not. I'd rather prefer an honest person who is clear with me on why they agree to something and can't make a deadline rather than someone who ignores my messages and tries to hide.

Shows an unwillingness to accept responsibility if you ask me. Just sayin'.

Anyway... skit preview!

Xbox 360/PC MMO Senior Project:

I got into a group that wants to develop a small 360 MMORPG prototype in Unity for the senior project. I am not going to share any details, but I am going to be involved with programming parts of it as well as mapping. So I'm interested to see how this'll turn out.


Anyway, I think I'm done ranting for now. I think I'm going to try and get some sleep, maybe I'll actually get a good night's rest this time. I'll need it for the long drive to and from Los Angeles later today. Until Friday, blog readers and friends!