Sunday, June 5, 2011

BETACinema Presents...

Today's blog post: Launch of new skit!

(See also: Direct link to video.)

It is mainly comprised of footage of stuff we filmed in our last meeting in May and some of our meeting in April. Due to some circumstances with a skit we were going to do, we had to postpone it and we just mocked a bunch of popular movies and games and what not for the meeting instead. Depending on how the reception is, we may do more sketches like this and make it an episodic series, we'll see. :)

All in all, it's nothing too serious. But then again none of our stuff is meant to be taken seriously. :P

We may be doing a serious skit with Batman. (With a proper mask this time.) I'll probably reveal more information about that later. But the person playing Harley Quinn already finished her costume.

Anyway, it's a short blog post today, and I'm sorry about that. I spent more time video editing than writing. I'll come up with something lengthy on Tuesday.

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