Friday, June 17, 2011

Mid-June Rant. Summer Goals, Plans, and Stuff.

An old-fashioned rant. A lot of this stuff wouldn't fit in a simple status update, so a blog post is more suitable. That's the original purpose of ranting now, isn't it?


Now that my finals are over and I can enjoy a couple of days off until the next term starts in the middle of next week, I am going to relax and take it easy.

Actually, it won't be very easy. I'm anxious to see what my grades are. I am really hoping I didn't do bad enough on the Physics II final to warrant re-taking the course. I am also worried about Combinatorics, but to a lesser extent. The problem with Physics as far as my university is concerned is that it's only offered once a year due to budget cuts so the class sizes are through the roof. It has as many people as a standard G.E. (general education) class, yet it still covers an enormous amount of material.

Other classes that are this difficult do not have class sizes this large. (Calculus/Multi-variable Calculus comes to mind.) and I really think that large class sizes take away from the learning experience. And let's face it, I'm pretty Physics-retarded. Maybe it's because it doesn't appeal to me, but I just do not get it.

Anyway, I have a back-up plan if I am to not pass the course and that's to retake it from January-May at nearby San Bernardino Valley College while dual-enrolling at CSUSB in order to graduate in somewhat of a timely manner. I really don't want to do that, and it would eat up quite a lot of gas and make me stressed to no return going back and forth, but I'll do it if I need to.

Anyway, I'm predicting (optimistically) a B and two C's. In a pessimistic view, it's likely to be a C+, C, and C-. I felt like I could have done so much better, but I was bed ridden sick the week I took my Physics midterm, I was at the hospital during the study session and a combination of that and just being too ill to study I ended up getting a 14 out of 100. I felt like if I had just felt better and went to said study session I would have scored much higher and possibly passed. Oh well.


Laptop Fix:

On a somewhat less stressful note, I am planning on finally going around and getting my laptop fixed. Something in its interior snapped a few months ago and they didn't have the part to repair it. It causes my USB ports to be dislocated which makes traveling or getting documents across very difficult. In most laptops, the USB ports are soldered to the motherboard, so breaking/snapping that piece would mean it's game over.

Luckily, Toshiba Satellite models have USB ports that aren't soldered on. But I need to find a whole bottom case online, and I just haven't had the time to look for it. I also don't want to rush and be ripped off. Lots of computer dealers like to rip off their customers because they don't know what the hell they're buying or how much it's worth.


Nintendo 3DS:

While we're on the topic of rip-offs, did you know all of the hardware for a Nintendo 3DS only costs about $100 to make?

I still want one really badly. and I just so happen to have found a lot of my GE textbooks that I don't need anymore. I'm planning on selling those off and put that towards said 3DS fund. I'm torn on whether or not I want to actually sell my Nintendo DS Lite, though. Even though I went through (and accidentally broke two out of three over the past 7 years or so) Nintendo DS systems, it remains to be one of my favorite consoles. But the 3DS not supporting GBA games... that just doesn't run well with me. I hope they offer Virtual Console for the GBA soon, I'd like to get Golden Sun and Golden Sun 2, some games I want to play but missed from the GBA era.

I want this color model in particular.

Only because it's my favorite shade of blue. But you wouldn't know that now, would you? :)

A man can dream...


Codename: EPIC:

I'm working on the battle system some more. And a new dungeon, and new abilities. It's a lot of work. (Though it is a lot of fun!)

That being said, here's some sample stuff of what I'm working on. Note, I had to keep the names/menu pictures out of the project since it's still being determined who (or what) we are going to name them and menu pictures are still being designed. The only one that's sure-fire to be kept is "Mage" for the main character.

Anyway, some development shots of what is being worked on. I went through the work of designing the new user-interface with the blue-black color scheme. I think it works well and looks pretty unique. Plus that's my style. (I also made a matching header for this blog based on the user interface scheme I designed for the project.)

I need to work on the visuals for damage output. They look really ugly and do not match the cleaned up interface AT ALL. I'll be working on that a little later this month.



Next weekend we will have our June meeting. I'm not going to spoil publicly on what we're filming/scheming this month. But it will feature one of the characters from our "BETACinema Presents" skit we filmed earlier this month.

For the majority of this month (and last), I had a video reel up of some of my favorite sketches we've done this last year, but it was taking up too much space at the top, so it has been taken down for now. You can watch our videos here.

That's it for now. Maybe I'll actually get to finish Final Fantasy XIII this summer.
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