Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Call of Nature

So, Monday morning on my lack of sleep decided to go finish up the current Conjurer storyline in FFXIV.

I was sent near Humblehearth in the Black Shroud to go rescue this guy. He's kind of helpless. You'd think the NPCs in this game would have a little more spunk. But nope, he sits there and takes hits and makes me do all the work.

As you can see, he's kind of a pansy. This part required guiding him in an instance through a path in the forest to The Black Shroud-Coerthas zoneline. While keeping him alive. I learned the hard way (since I ended up having to do this twice) that you fail the escort if Morys gets to 25% HP or lower, and not if he dies. Ugh, how annoying. Did I mention I hate being healer? I can't wait to be a Black Mage!

After this whole escorting fiasco, I had to use the powers of the Echo in which I was treated to another boss battle, only now I'm in a flashback of when Morys is a little kid. He was clenching to this golden statue and four wolves came up to attack him. I had to keep his helpless self alive in that battle too.

And with that, I was sent back to the Conjurer's Guild where I was rewarded with 3000 Marks, and completion of the CON storyline, for now. I guess you could say these quests are equivalent to the AF storyline for FFXI, only that these are far more cutscene intensive. If it's one thing this game got right at the beginning, it's these. But only three for each class right now, is kind of depressing.

Anyway, now I need to get Conjurer two more ranks for Raise.

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