Thursday, July 7, 2011

Goals for July!

Summer's in full-swing, and I'm on a full-schedule. Well, a personal schedule at least. Usually I post at the beginning of the month of my goals for the month and then I disappoint myself at the end of the month with how much I failed to complete. Har har.

But stuff like Operation Rainfall and upcoming XIV patches were more important, so I put this post off until today!

Games to complete... or at least hope to complete:

Final Fantasy VIII:

Goal: To get Squall and Rinoa to get all mushy. Easy enough, right?

I started this game up again from scratch a week ago after a long 10 year ish hiatus, and I'm already past the point of where I was at my first file, with little difficulty. The game is so much easier when played the right way and not winging it with Guardian Forces, I swear.

Now for obligatory Uematsu:

Chrono Cross:
Goal: To save the parallel dimensions of Serge's world from going to chaos.

I put this game off too, but not as long as FFVIII. Chrono games tend to get so un-linear that you get confused on where to go next. ...Or lose track. That's the problem I'm at now. Maybe, I need a walkthrough to get the mind jump-started again on where I was.

Now for obligatory Mitsuda:

If I get some extra time, I want to go ahead and play through some Vagrant Story and finish up Revenant Wings and Final Fantasy Tactics. What can I say? I'm a sucker for Ivalice. :X

Next summer, I will probably play through Lost Odyssey and some certain Wii games if a certain Operation goes through. I'm writing my letters!

...I'm hoping.

Game Projects:


Progress is getting there, I work on the game usually late night. Perhaps this weekend I will unveil some new areas. Depends on my creativity... and the heat. Damn this heat.


Easy classes this term. At least I'd like to think so. I'm going to study with a friend of mine for a midterm on Friday. Hopefully we ace it! Interesting class, though. Both "Race and Racism", and "Studies in Music". Though the latter is kinda filled with common sense. Meh.

Anyway, I think completing these two games and passing courses and doing this game design project is a fair amount of goals to achieve, right? Nothing too hard to do. ...I think. I said that about my goal to finish FFXIII and that took an additional five months. (I finished that last month.) So take that with many grains of salt. Or a large chunk of salt. ...

Oh, and I almost forgot. New BETACinema skit.

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