Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mid-July 2011 Updates: Cats, Time-Warps, Auto-Attackers, Games, and Relationship Affairs with Mathematical Concepts! Oh My!

Today's blog entry: A rant about stuff, and goals. And stuff.

Final Fantasy XI:

So I recently looked back into one of the MMOs I used to play (Yay, Final Fantasy XI), and I saw all these changes coming to the job system.

I noticed one thing in particular with respect to Summoners. They're getting Atomos and Cait Sith as summons!? That makes me mad, I spent so many months trying to work and keep together a WoTG static and none of players (save for a very select few!) even remotely gave a damn with the storyline, which is a shame because it had some of the best missions in FFXI. Almost as good as Chains of Promathia.

Anyway, I hope that gives people incentive to do them now. Now that I've gone and have no intention of going back, good luck trying to get my help. LOL! (Yay, FFXIV.)

You get your cats and time warps and Abyssea. I get instanced dungeons and fighting off a Garlean empire with the help of a company. Eh, fair trade. :P


Final Fantasy XIV:

Speaking of which, Patch 1.18 is hitting later this week! Maybe I can go actually bug my real life friends to play now that the game is improving. ...Nah, they wouldn't care. But who would care is the linkshell, we're planning a big LS raid event on Friday, and I'm trying to get CON to 38 in anticipation!

I also need to remind myself to set class switching macros for abilities and gear. That'll take some time. I really hate macros. I hated them in FFXI, and I hate them here, I'm so used to doing everything manually, and with the laggy equipment interface, I really need to adjust to macros, and fast.

Also, auto-attacking. I'll definitely need a day to understand what the hell is going on.



I got around to finishing Final Fantasy VIII last week, it was a very sweet ending. Squall and Rinoa... well I'm not going to spoil it for you if you've never played it. It's one of those stories that really hits the soft side, but I don't have one of those, so I was left with a very o_O feeling.

I find it funny that just gathering GFs from bosses early on in the game makes it so much easier. Incredibly easier. I intentionally gave Squall like 9999 HP from GFs, made him go to yellow (4000 HP or so) and every turn spammed triangle button until the "Attack ->" came and used his Limit Break over and over until the boss was dead. Broken if you ask me. It took me two tries to beat the final boss.

Now the list of games to be completed...

Chrono Cross (PS1) = PRIORITY
Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (GBA)
Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light (DS)
Vagrant Story (PS1)
Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP)
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PSP)
Final Fantasy II (PS1)
Final Fantasy XIV (PC)
Super Mario Sunshine (GCN)
Yoshi's Island DS (DS)
Wild Arms 3 (PS2)

Chrono Cross is the main game I'm working on. I think that's the best series my friend has got me on. I finished Trigger last year, so I feel it's only appropriate to finish Cross this year.
After I finish the list of these games, I want to move on to new titles: Like Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Dragon Age 1-2, The Last Story, Xenoblade, Pandora's Tower, and Fallout. I also want to play Breath of Fire 1, 2, 4, re-do Breath of Fire 3, Lunar Silver Star Story, finish Lunar 2, and try Xenogears, Xenosaga and Golden Sun 1-3. And have them all beaten before the end of 2012! It's a long shot, but whatever.
My friends also warned me not to play Blue Dragon or Xenosaga, so I suppose I'll have to find copies of those under $20.


BETA Cinema:

We have a new skit up. Actually, it's been in development hell a couple of months for various reasons. The concept came up in a total random conversation in chat, and I went on to write it. It's kind of out there, but I like it. It also may be the last skit I'm editing for a while, I want to focus more on Selatria for now. Though I won't hold myself to that statement...

Even already got one comment asking what the hell I posted. (To put it lightly.)

That's about it for my rant. On Tuesday, I'm going to post stuff on the Conjurer Rank 36 class quest.

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