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Naoki Yoshida "Yoshi-P" Part VIII

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4Gamer Interview (Translated)
Famitsu - Interview for August 2011 Edition (Translated)

Official Posts:

Instanced Raids Unveiled! (6/20)
Letter from the Producer XII (6/27)
Guildleve Reforms (6/29)
Battle Reforms: Auto-Attack (6/30)

Battle System Reform Movie:


(Credit to akirussan on ZAM for these points)

  • Physical Levels removed in [Patch] 1.19
  • Changing the battle system while adding content will not work. Since the changes to the battle system are so complex, it is taking a long time.
  • Auto-Attack and changes to Hate Algorithms are coming in 1.18, changes to the calculation system (damage formulas? stats?) and growth (stat allocation?) are coming in 1.19.
  • Currently one job is planned per class, but they are open to adding additional jobs per class later.
  • They are working on making all three action bars visible at once instead of only showing one at a time.
  • "In FFXIV...we took the wrong direction at the start."
  • They are looking into "Self Combos" (self skillchains or battle regimens?)
  • "We’re thinking of fixing FFXIV, not thinking of when to start charging for the game."
  • A character from the FF series will be added in 1.18 (Ifrit? Cid? Bahamut? Chocobos?)
  • Depopulation of of certain countries (I'm guessing Grid/Limsa) is a "big problem" due to the "inconveniences" of certain cities. They are planning on fixing this not by reducing Ul'dah's convenience, but by increasing the convenience of the two other cities. This could involve content, guild adjustments, battles, and also map remodels (Yes, Please).
  • They are planning something for the countries' airships (not necessarily related to transport) and will do their best to include it in 1.19.


So we won't be losing Physical Levels in the upcoming patch. That's a relief... sort of. I want to use my physical level 50 in order to get my classes up while I can. Soon it's going to be like FFXI where I lose any sense of strength or progress when I level a new class. Maybe it's better in the long run, but there's no sense in rushing my other classes up while I have "the crutch", so to say.

A familiar character being added in 1.18? Given the timing of upcoming companies, I have a hunch that it's going to be the XIV incarnation of Cid making an appearance. I'd be willing to bet gil on it that's for sure... not that it's not already hyper-inflated or anything...


(Credit to Reinheart for these points from the official forum. (Translated)):

Hi FFXIV producer Yoshida here, patch work for 1.18 finally got stable so will post.

I also feel that depopulation is a big problem with the current 3 countries, the cities inconveniences.


To adjust this it requires the following two features - “Not lowering Uldah’s convenience, but increasing the other 2 countries convenience”, “Giving more specifics (contents, guild adjustment) to each countries”

But for the 3 countries additional content, it will involve more battles and also MAP itself needs to be remodeled.

As we have replied through reps regarding the entire map, including the 3 cities we are already working on a plan that will changes to the root. And the specifications are already made. It will be long term changes but will make sure it happens. With that timing will make root modifications to the 3 countries as well.

Till rank 50 the 3 countries will have times where you will need to change your base location (starting point). Plans are made that around rank 35-40 following the different characteristics of the countries, you will have a choice to decide where to set your base location depending on what content to play.

This will be a long term plan and understand this is very important, think of this as a major point required in FFXIV remodeling.

Lastly, we’re going to do something about the 3 countries airships (They are not the type where it flies above the map) before the big fix towards the MAP! Will try our best to make it by 1.19 patch. So please wait!

I'm glad they're doing something about Gridania's and Limsa Lominsa's de-population. While Ul'dah is bustling, the other two cities are ghost towns, and something really needs to be done with them. While they announced that the guild marks will only apply to the nation they're tied with, Limsa and Gridania still have really crappy leves compared to Ul'dah, and something needs to be done about that.

Also, rebuilding the map? "Copy-pasta" was a big problem players complained about the game at launch, the mapping (especially with The Black Shroud) was done very poorly. I'm glad they're addressing this from their first excuse that it was because they didn't have the memory space. (PS3 Limitation excuse?)

Reinheart also translated this tidbit when regarding PS3 release.

4Gamer: Either way making it work for the PC version first right?

 そうですね。僕は,どっちつかずが一番だめだと思っている人間なので,まずはPC版のFFXIVを立て直したうえで,同時にPS3版での完成度を徹底的 に上げようと思っています。非常に難しいことにチャレンジしていますが,FFXIVはある意味,一度プレイヤーの皆さんを裏切る形になってしまったので, もう二度と同じことはできない。そう思って,チーム一丸となって進めていますので,ぜひ期待してお待ちいただけたらと思います。
YoshiP: Yes, I believe not sticking to one side is being bad (being PC or PS3). First making the PC version of FFXIV remodel and at same time improving for the PS3 version to work as well. It is very challenging task. In a way FFXIV betrayed lots of players, so I do not want to do that again. That is how our team is working together. So if you can please wait and look forward to it.

They aren't lying when they're really working together to rebuild the customer's trust. They even said themselves that they're thinking more about improving the game than charging. While that's nice to hear, it's kind of unrealistic given that they've already been hemhorraging money like crazy the past 9 months or so to try and fix this mess. While I applaud them for their efforts, how long can they possibly keep this up? It's like they're using the sales for FFXIII and upcoming XIII-2 to try and keep this project a-float, it just doesn't seem realistic to not charge for this much longer.

Now I'm not trying to be a Negative Nancy, as I really want this game to succeed more than any other. But how long before we start getting charged and will be it soon enough that players will stick around once they do?



Famitsu had by far the most interesting interview (at least that's what I thought).

(Credit to Kristina_Farron on the official forum for this translation)

Here's an excerpt of some of the more interesting points I've found.

Available from patch 1.18: in addition to auto attack, the enmity algorithm will be totally changed. The new algorithm will accumulate all hostile action into hate list until the end of battle, which is different from FFXI (in FFXI some kind of enmity will wear out by time).

Available from patch 1.18: the Cure will divided to single-targeted cure and AoE Curaga. For the sake of smooth playing.

Wouldn't this eat up more ability slots?

Implementation of Ifrit battle quest goes live on 1.19.

Awesome! I love story-related quests.

Currently the "Job" names that finalized are: Paladin, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, Dragoon, Bard.
** Maybe the axe and bow class are just not finalized, don't be afraid!
** There is no any evidence that bow class will get a job as Bard.

There. Archer is not becoming Bard. But what will become Bard?

Although the time is unknown, they are planning to have "combined job" which is obtained by two specified class over specified rank. For example, CON + THM = Red Mage.

So Thief might be a combination of Gladiator, Pugilist, and Archer?

About raid dungeon, there will be multiple routes to clear. The loot item will change based on the time spended, and the route choosed.

Good! I don't like linearity. >.<

The "Evil Armour" introduced in producer's letter IV, will be one of the artifacts of those jobs.

Ooh, Dark Knight?


They treat the relaunch of PS3 version as the "final chance". They are preparing to deliver huge changes over our expectation.

Good! They should have treated it as their final chance from the beginning!

Letter from the Producer XII:

Guildleves won't be the driving force of FFXIV any longer? So much for the point of this whole CG movie:

On a more serious note, aside from dungeon content and NMs there won't be much group content, there has to be something to do in the time gap from when they change it or we're going to have a lot of bored people... that's for sure.


Changes are coming, and I can't wait. I'm near Gladiator 50 so I can get right on top of all this new content. I also want to get Conjurer 38. Ahhh, so much to do and so little time! I'm excited, I'm patient, and I might be a little crazy for sticking with a game for 9 months in hopes that it improves, but I hope it pays off. Well, or I wasted 9 months...

Until next post!

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