Friday, July 29, 2011

Nintendo: What the deuce?

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Some good and bad news coming from the Nintendo world. :| Being a hardcore Nintendo fan-boy for the longest, I always buy their newest consoles and hand-helds. I'm a very loyal person in that regards.

Operation Rainfall:

As I stated in a blog post at the beginning of the month, Nintendo of America is refusing to release The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Pandora's Tower state-side. Now that Xenoblade is about to be getting a European release, I feel shafted big time. :( Kinda wished Wii didn't have their consoles region locked. This guy says it best.

His voice kind of reminds me of Seth MacFarlane.

Nintendo 3DS:

A few days ago, a massive price drop for the 3DS was announced, from $250 to $170. I really, really, ... REALLY want to get one now. And for the people who feel that they got shafted, they get 20 free games for their 3DS.

...And if that wasn't enough, GBA and NES titles are coming too. The gamer in me just died and went to a far better place. I will literally have no more reason to have a DS Lite (or a GBA for that matter) if I can get the entire library to my 3DS... eventually.

I've never beaten the original Yoshi's Island for SNES/GBA, and I would like to. I got to the final area before my save file was deleted. (Battery fail?) -- But yet, Nintendo has no plans to release it outside of people who have or buy a DS before August 12th. Frustration!!!

You can see the whole GB/GBA Virtual Console list here.

I will most likely get it in October. (Or before then?) I'll be ready to buy this. Excitement!


(I was expecting this blog post to be a little longer.) Anyway, what the deuce, Nintendo? You wait until your sales to start lagging before actually listening to what their players want? :| It's no mistake that the 3DS launched with an unprepared Virtual Console lineup and it's just now getting titles from the GBA generation onto the device.

Then there's the whole 3DS lineup. Street Fighter IV is fun, sure, but where's Kid Icarus: Uprising? Smash Bros 3DS? Mario Kart 7? Super Mario 3D Land? All of these were just announced, but they should have been launch titles. Very disappointing. I'm not going to buy a handheld when all of the core titles aren't out for it yet, that's just dumb.

Not to mention the whole Operation Rainfall. I really want to play those role-playing games, and they didn't even get E3 time earlier this month because of their "perceived" sales failure here in the states.

You guys want to appeal more to the real gamers, the hardcore crowd, yet are making no real effort to do so. To that I say: You're only shooting yourself in the foot. (And I'm still getting a 3DS -_- )

-Rant from Heartbroken Gamer

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