Saturday, July 9, 2011

Random Rant Ramble III

Today's blog post: A random ranting of various things I care about.

Final Fantasy XIV:

A lot of my friends in the LS got rank 50 tonight, and congratulations to them! We have a nice high rank team in which we can actually kill things on our own merits, and I'm actually looking forward to that.

A couple of LS members went out and killed Uraeus in Coerthas tonight as well, I was shocked. Usually I see whole linkshells go out there and fight it, but they just went out and beasted it on a whim. If anything, that's a job well done.

Credit to Sojiro Jigabachi for the picture

Though one thing I worry about is other end-game linkshells seeing us as a 'threat'. I don't want to categorize Viva Eorzea as an end-game shell though, I have intended for us to have end-game as one of our activities all along. It's against my leadership philosophy to deny people in the linkshell based on rank or anything of that nature. I like to be around good people that get stuff done, and have fun while at it.

(Though to be fair, most of us are looking forward to the patch on or around July 21st. I know I am. Or maybe some aren't.) There are those who are worried that guildleves are going to be nerfed to hell because of Yoshi-P wanting guildleves to be that of a soloable activity. But I'm looking forward to the change in the battle system, the introduction of public companies, and the new raiding zones.

And now... some Uematsu (with lyrics!)


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We just got out of a really productive meeting, though there are some things that need to be changed. We're working on a new forum for the development team and there are lots of changes coming that we set the foundation for. We also had a big turnout for our small group. Most of the time no one cares to show up, but we got a decent enough one to actually get some stuff done.

This weekend I'm going to be working on Abilities that each character gains. A lot of the work I set the foundation for in Dojo Adventure, but some abilities were separated over other characters, so I'll need to find a balance.

I'm also working on all the spoils for each of the monsters. Lots of work to be done in that area. It'll probably take a few weeks of late night designs. :|

Change in career goals:

You know, I've been working on this project for Selatria, and I think I've come to the realization that I don't want to be a game designer. ...Not that game designing isn't fun, mind you. I have a lot of fun with game design, but I think I may want to be more of a game producer.

Now, I'm pretty much a recluse, I won't hide that fact. But I really like working with other people on a large project... Well, if it's a project I'm interested in at least. Selatria wasn't the first time I was involved with a big programming/design project, but it's the first one where I've actively played a leading role, and I think it's a lot of fun. Even more if I actually got paid for it... but that will be for another time.

I think a dream job would be to run a small independent studio (or even better, a contracted second or third-party developer), but I'd need to get experience first as a designer and work through the ranks.

A man can dream, can't he?

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