Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Selatria: Meet the characters!

Today's entry: Some of the characters of the Selatria project!

Character Concept Art: Teresa Wambold
Character Sprites: Grover Wimberly IV


Mage is the main protagonist. As a 16 year-old soon to be graduate of the Availian academy and near the lowest of his class, he his paired up with his childhood friend Melodia to go retrieve a lost treasure from a nearby cave as a 'final exam'. Overconfident and arrogant he overestimates his own mediocre abilities which causes quarrels at time between him and Melodia.

Class: Magician (Starting) - Single-target spells of both healing and elemental disciplines.
Starting Spells: Fire, Heal



Melodia is Mage's best friend since early-childhood. Growing up, she has taken a a more protective demeanor around Mage, and instead of going in the path of becoming a magician, goes down the path of knighthood. Ascending to the top of her class quickly, she suggests to attend Mage to help him with his final exam.

Class: Swordsman (Starting) - Can block up to 50% damage when guarding as opposed to 25%.
Starting Spells: First Aid, Fire Blade


Number 16

Not much is known of Number 16. She speaks in small words and doesn't seem to be in touch with either side. A neutral vigilante who has no affiliation.

Class: Assassin (Starting) - Can steal stats from the enemy.
Starting Spells: Unknown



An old man who was stuck with the job of saying the same damn line to adventurers for the past half-century. Annoyed with his place as a "non-player character" and knowing he doesn't have much time left, he takes off to find out the actual meaning in adventuring.

Class: Geezer - Cannot be controlled in battle and occasionally gets amnesia.
Starting Spells: Unknown

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