Monday, July 25, 2011

Title? This blog entry needs no title!

I'm honestly not sure what to write about today, but I feel like I should write about something... so here it goes.

My Saturday:

Saturday was a pretty busy day. I woke up very early in the morning (7AM my time would be the equivalent to 2AM for a normal person -- I normally don't get up until at least 12.) I took some of my friends to Frank and Son Collectible Show in the City of Industry and they had a blast. It's always fun to take someone new to that place, it's seriously the place for nerds.

I'll probably go by myself, but I think I may make it a monthly thing in the future. But still, even getting there at 9AM, traffic was still hell and getting a park was almost impossible. I remember years back when it was unknown, you could get a park near the front. Not anymore!

On that topic, I need to go back to going to swap meets and video game hunts. I used to do it often, but I have so many games on the palette that need completing that I took a break from it.

I went there thinking I wouldn't get anything, and I left with a hard drive for my 360. Time to fix up the Xbox and actually update it to 2011 standards. Maybe I'll get Xbox Live too.

After, we all enjoyed lunch, played a quiz game called "You don't know Jack" (I really don't know Jack), and then had the BETA Meeting!

We filmed a new skit, and it'll be up soon. By soon, that may depend on if I wait for Ryan to edit the parts, or if we actually work together to get this up in a reasonable manner. Meh, we'll see. It's funny, to the point where I laugh about it. You know when I write these scripts, I worry that the skit is going to be bland or lack humor, but I'm glad to have such creative friends and we really expand the interpretation and go way off the script. I guess you can say that's what makes us so awesome. Hence the 'A' in 'BETA'.

In the topic: I also made this movie out of boredom. Well, actually Ryan did the visuals. He had the whole interview with the song "What is Love", but I much preferred this theme. So, here's my version:

Anyway, did I mention how much I enjoy the BETA meetings? If I had a say in the matter, I'd like to film more skits outside of meetings, but everyone has conflicting schedules (yay work/school/commitments) because if I could, I'd do it every week. ...Probably would if got revenue for it, but then that'd take the fun out of it.

..That rant aside.



The game is on track for a July 30th public alpha testing. I put some of what I'm working on in a nifty 30 second YouTube video.

I'm going to upgrade to a full version of Fraps before I start doing any real trailers. Ugh, that's going to take a while.


Final Fantasy XIV:

Changing topics, the rank 45 dungeon in FFXIV is damn near impossible. Well, at least our methods aren't working. I stupidly suggested we charge through and let the aggro run back. When we got to moles and had to start over, we had to fight through them again, and it would have just been smart to do that in the first place. In any case, I'm going to stop derping around and actually do some hardcore runs and find a worthwhile strategy for completing the DD dungeon.

It reminds me of Einherjar LS leading, only this is more predictable. I know what to freakin' expect, so not learning anything between runs would be stupidity. In Einherjar, it would be random and you'd not know what to expect, but here I at least expect improvement, and that's what I'm shooting for.


Until next post!
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