Monday, August 22, 2011

Moving to PS3 when FFXIV comes out for it. PC can't seem to handle it post 1.18

Hmm, what to blog about today?

I'm starting to believe more and more that my laptop can't handle Final Fantasy XIV, or that the Visual Studio exception handling is poor. Since 1.18 update, I've found myself falling off bridges and off the map and even into locked areas. I'm not pos-hacking or anything like that, so I can't be banned for it, but XIV is a serious resource hog. If too many people are doing actions at one time, then the game freezes or my timers go out of sync. It's very frustrating.

Maybe it's just me venting. I'm not going to go out and invest in a desktop computer, mainly because I'm mobile, but I'm starting to save up money for a PS3 version of the game. I will likely move over to that when FFXIV comes out for there. Normally this would be enough for me to take a respite from the game, but I have too much invested in my character, in the linkshell, and in the game to stop playing now.

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