Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Naoki Yoshida: Part X

(Official Yoshi-P forum picture from Square Enix Forum)

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See also: Letter from the Producer XVI (8/15)

Some highlights from the post...

Ifrit Battle:

It seems that there is going to be two types of Ifrit battles. One for rank 30 and one for rank 50. This reminds me of the tuning fork idea of FFXI where you could fight an easy version of the avatar at rank 20. Though, I hope this version isn't solo! I imagine the rank 50 version of the fight is going to be pretty tough if the current Dzemael Darkhold is any indication.

Ranks -> Levels / Skill Points -> Experience Points:

They're getting rid of physical levels soon. That's been a long time coming. But with that change, they're changing rank to level and SP to EXP. That's good because I never particularly liked "rank" and "skill points". Sounds unnecessary and redundant, or maybe I'm just being a RPG nostalgic!

Review of Actions:

I don't think Conjurer is going to be a nuker for much longer. I think nukes are going to be given to Thaumaturge where as Conjurer is going to become the main healer of the game. I hope I'm wrong, but with one job being given to one class, this seems likely. (Also, CON just got a bunch of Raise spells to add to this sentiment.)

Character Development:

They're going to have it so there are set automated stats for each level with a little leeway for customization. I'm glad because in the battle poll, I voted for this method when keeping physical levels, and it seems they're doing a hybrid of what people voted for. I don't like having to allocate everything, because then people pigeonhole themselves. (Ie: 290 STR and 0 Piety) and make them useless in other classes, and it sucks because ranks had stat caps and all of that STR would go to waste.

Chocobos/Airships/Ease of Transportation:

Good! I hate running around. Well, I liked it at first. But anima spoiled me. I can get by with airships and chocobos though. That'll make me happy/content. :D

Direct Targeting:

Implementation of direct targeting for objects such as aetheryte crystals. I'm happy about this. I always found it to be kinda stupid to have to open up the menu to open doors or target these crystals. It just seemed convoluted and unconventional.

New Raids:

Possibly the most fun thing to actually come out of last patch, and now we're getting raids involving the beastmen tribes. I'm looking forward to taking this with Viva Eorzea.


Anyhow, the patch with all of this stuff is coming late-September. I'm going to get to work on getting Conjurer to rank 50, and then work Lancer and Thaumaturge to 50 and follow suit so all of my class-types are covered. I really want to be able to fill any role in the future so I won't have to demand the shell members to level certain jobs. That's just poor leading.

And... it's because Chaos Thrust is kinda awesome.

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