Monday, August 8, 2011

New YouTube Series

I said that today I would reveal my new series that will be appearing on my YouTube channel, so... here I go.

I'm working on a YouTube series that will be an episodic series based off of the game I'm working on, Selatria. (You can download alpha test version of the game here.)

The series will be somewhat considered a machinima of sorts, but since most machinimas are unofficially made, this will be an official one.

It will use the same game engine and game assets for the episodes, but it will essentially be 10 minute adventures of Mage and Melanie (the two protagonists of the game project.) In order to keep things fresh for this YouTube series, this will delve more into the characters youth and upbringing in the Academy they grew up in. So the YouTube series is a prequel to the game itself.

Unfortunately, the series development is only in its infancy at the moment, and the first episode will not premiere until October. But here is a preview shot of the first episode.

While the graphics and text are similar to that of the game project, it will not be playable or have any game-play and will be entirely voice acted cut-scenes. It will be recorded and then put on YouTube in video form.

After the October episode, I'm going to typically release one every two months. At a lot slower pace than the other skits and projects I work on, but this is going to be a much better quality. In any case, this will debut on my personal YouTube channel.



Pokemon Anime:

I think the people at Game Freak and Nintendo had a revolutionary idea when they released a TV series that went along literally with the game and featured many of the same characters. It definitely had the immersion effect on me as a kid, to be able to see something in a cartoon or anime and be like "hey! They have that in the game!" or "So-and-so gym leader makes an appearance in game too!"


Well, the ones that don't suck. This YouTube series is going to not be purely comedy, it's going to be a series on its own, though just because it's a more serious project doesn't mean it won't be comedic at all, but it's going to be something that will go along with the game itself. Though the game can still be played and understood independently from the series.

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