Saturday, August 20, 2011

Selatria Progress (August 2011)

Area being worked on for chapter 2

I put a lot of work into the game project this week. I'm really liking how it looks so far, to be honest. But the lack of artists is really noticeable in the project as it still looks like a standard VX game, well maybe except for the battles.

I'm going to have to start seeking elsewhere for people who can do environmental/icon art for the project.

Other than that, I'm really happy with the direction the game is going. The music is great, the design is great, the writing/storytelling is great, and the design of the game is great. Or maybe I'm just biased! ;)

We'll see for sure though, my philosophy is that a game has to be fun more than anything else, so if the art isn't quite up to par, it won't be a really big deal. Well, the art isn't -bad- per se, just nothing unique about it yet since it uses a lot of the default art assets. I really want to get away from that, but it seems like no use unless I keep looking for artists.

Phase III of the game project is coming August 27th!

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