Thursday, September 29, 2011

Patch 1.19 Preview

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Ifrit in Final Fantasy XIV

UPDATED - Patch 1.19 Notes Outline (9/30)

Out of the loop? Well, 1.19 is tentatively being released on Tuesday, October 4th. Lots of things coming in store. I hinted this in the last post, but the Final Fantasy XIV YouTube channel has been pretty lively with upcoming teasers of what's to come. Naoki Yoshida is also planning on doing a live Q and A session on that day via a live YouTube feed.

See also: Letter from the Producer XIX (9/27)
See also: Upcoming Recipe Changes (Crafting - 9/28)

Official patch notes will be posted on Friday, 9/30, and this post will be updated accordingly.

Ifrit Fight:

Beastmen Strongholds:



There are also additions to physical levels being abolished, guildleve revisions, and things of that kind of nature. Please refer to the posts below for other upcoming changes. (1.19 seems like it's going to be monstrous) and it's just what XIV needs, interest is starting to really wane from all of the stuff that has been added already.

1.19 Changes: UI Adjustments, Guildleve Revisions, etc...

1.19 Changes: Enemy Claim System, Physical Level Abolishments, etc...

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