Sunday, October 9, 2011

Open Positions in Development Team [Updated]

This post is now outdated, you can see the newest open positions here.

I wanted to update what I'm looking for in the team. While I got a lot of requests of people who are interested in joining, I am really only looking for the following positions, and serious ones at that. We move at a really fast pace on the project and a lot of us spend our free time working late nights on actually developing the project and giving each other suggestions on how to improve the game.

That being said, we're looking for very passionate people, and if you don't quite fit the spots available and think you have some ideas that may be great, please join! We'd love to have your input.

As for people who are interested in joining only if they get a commission, a plan is in the works for that once I put the project on Kickstarter later this month. (Or at least, that's the goal.) So there's no commission-based yet, but may be available in the future. As for now, people who submit resources to the project will get a share in ownership in it. (Percentages will not be determined until completion of the project and will be agreed upon by the group.)


Selatria is a game largely developed as a collaborative effort between game designers, artists, musicians, actors, and the like. As such, it is a for-profit using mostly original-created resources. A test demo of the game can be played here.

*Indicates a new position that has opened.

Position -- Priority

Art Team:

-Concept Artist (Characters)-- HIGH*
-Concept Artist (Monsters)-- HIGH*
-Concept Artist (Weapons/Armor)-- HIGH*
-Digital Artist -- HIGH*
-Environmental Tile Artist (Buildings, tiles, grass, bizarre environments) -- HIGH
-Icon Designer (For Status Effects/Weapons) -- HIGH
-Spell Animator -- MEDIUM

Programmers/Game Designers:

-Ruby Script Programmers  -- MEDIUM
-Event Planner -- MEDIUM
-RPG Maker VX Event Planner -- MEDIUM*
-Webpage Designer -- MEDIUM*


-Voice Actors -- MEDIUM


-Sound Effects (SFX) Producer - LOW


Current Development Team:

"Selatria" Copyright (c) 2011 Whim Independent Studios, All Rights Reserved.

Director/Producer/Lead Game Design and Concept:

 Grover Wimberly IV

Game Concept/Design Team:

Grover Wimberly IV (Lead)
William Merriam III
Jonathan Dishaw
Jabari Smith

Storyline/Plot Team:
Airen Blakovich (Lead)
Grover Wimberly IV
Jonathan Dishaw
Johan Flynn
William Merriam III
Tricky Walker

Art Team:

Teresa Wambold (Lead)
Derrick Frainee (Main Logo Design)

Programming Team:

Grover Wimberly IV (Lead)
Matthew Estrada
Other Scripters (See Below)

Music Team:

Luke Simpson (Lead)

Voice Acting Team:

Jabari Smith - Goblin Boss, TBD
Jonathan Dishaw - TBD
Vikki Ceballos - TBD
Jenny Wang - TBD
Johan Flynn - TBD
Aron Friend - TBD
Neil Stucky - TBD
Tricky Walker - TBD
Kevin de la Cueva - TBD

Scripts Used (With Permission):
Map Effect Pack - NoorXp
Credit Script - Jet
Splash Screen Script -  Vlue L. Maynara
Font Modifier - ChaosOverLord
Defense Script - Synthesize
Map Name Script - Falcao, edited by Grover Wimberly IV/Matthew Estrada
Custom Menu Script - Grover Wimberly IV
Battle Result Script - Woratana, edited by Grover Wimberly IV
Level Up Heal Script - Woratana

Tanketai Battle Script -
Original Script by:  Enu
English Localization:  Kylock, Mr. Bubble, Shu
Contributors & Special Thanks: Shu, Moonlight, NightWalker, Enelvon, Atoa, AlphaWhelp,       blackmorning, Mithran, Kaduki, Enu            

Front-View Battle System Script Add-On- Grover Wimberly IV

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