Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I'm not really on my A-game today, so to speak. I have a presentation for Computer Graphics for a term project we were supposed to do, but it was riddled with bad meeting times, availability (my project partner lives out in Moreno Valley), and my lack of motivation on the project.

We spent most of yesterday (staying very late) working on the project, eventually getting it to work correctly after a slew of compilation errors, to come and find that we needed to use some OpenGL feature in our project. We are only using the SDL, however we did get some computer graphics to appear and do what we needed to do, if only using the SDL and not OpenGL.

Even though we're not exactly doing the project to his specifications, we are going through with it anyway. We didn't sit in the lab and spend 8-9 hours of development for this presentation to not show what we have so far. That's all I'm going to say about that. I just really don't give a damn anymore.

(Luckily this class doesn't affect my graduation, I was just taking this for fun.)

Monday, November 28, 2011


Chapter 1 of Selatria is going to be delayed until January 28, 2012 in order to finish up Art/Music/Voice Acting needed to keep the game at the quality I would like it to be.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ugh, not satisfied with today's meeting.

Hey guys, I think I just came from the worst meeting I've had yet. Maybe I felt a little unenthusiastic, but I couldn't blame anyone. But we didn't get much of anything done. @_@

And nothing of value was lost.

In any case, we got a new skit up.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving if you're reading this from the States. Best wishes to you and yours!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Change in life goal/philosophy

Warning: Long rant ahead.


Point 1: A couple of weeks ago I asked the question: "Would you rather be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond?" I didn't get any responses (or people who cared enough to answer), so I took the question down after a short while.

Point 2: Yesterday, I posted that my goal for December and 2012 was to become more of a priority and less of an option.

Point 3: I am becoming extremely disgusted with mainstream gaming franchises breaking away from their roots and putting more of an emphasis on development of graphics and visuals rather than the game-play and enjoyability of the product/game at hand.


What do these points have in common? I guess you can say they comprise my personal philosophy and what I hope to accomplish.

Point 1: In the case of the fish in the pond question, I lean towards that of the big fish in the small pond. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being a small fish in a big pond, either. It's just a difference in opinion. But I've been leading the Selatria project for about 10 months now, and I try and make sure I let everyone have a say in development. Personally, I appreciate when my voice is heard in the group (in fact, one of my big pet peeves is being ignored) and I try to extend the same to the group. I don't think I would get that same freedom if I were working for a large game company.

Point 2: In my past, I see myself as being more of an option than a priority. There's been plenty of instances in which I've been glossed over for something or someone "better". Usually the saying in Point 2 is with regards to personal relationships in which the boy or girl should not see their potential significant other as an option, but rather as a priority. But one can use that same method of thinking in a job interview. My worst fear in life is being easily replaced, whether it be in a job, in a family, or even in the case of a future girlfriend dumping me for someone "better". I have that fear of being replaced, so changing my philosophy to be a priority rather than being an option means that I'm going to make it a goal to diversify myself more, learn a wide variety of roles, rather than being the best. Because face it, someone is always going to be better than me at something. It's inevitable. But being well rounded and able to adapt would make me more valuable, and unfortunately that's one of my faults. (That, and never being on time. But that's for another discussion.)

Point 3: The quality of games has decreased considerably in the mainstream market. Aside from the Nintendo franchises (their hardware has been suffering), the FPS genre is probably going to go the way of Tony Hawk. Nothing against ActiVision, but I'll never work for them. They beat their cash cows until they're dead. Remember the days when Tony Hawk was popular? There was sequel after sequel, spinoffs using bikes and snowboards, and what happened? Eventually there were 9 games in the span of 5 years and the series blew itself out. Call of Duty will soon become the same way when people finally realize Modern Warfare 7 is the same as Modern Warfare 3. In short, gaming has really lost its innovative feature I miss from the 64-bit era.

Because of all this, I'm strongly considering going into the indie game business rather than putting all of my effort into going into a major game studio. I'm either going to join a small team or make my own after graduation, and I'm leaning a lot towards the latter.

But it depends on how well Selatria is received when Chapter 1 is released in early 2012. I'm putting all of my heart and soul into the game, and up until now the only people who probably know this fact are the people who have actually seen me show them the game in person or are on the team. Because aside from some tech demos of gameplay, it's been largely kept away from public eye. I kind of want to keep it that way, it'll be ready when it's ready.

My motivation to want to start up my own game studio comes a lot from looking at a lot of the communities online that are supporting indie game developers, lots of open positions for such areas, experience for a resume, and the potential gains (and risky losses) involved. But life has risks, right?

But what inspires me most is someone who is slightly older than I am who recently came out with a game from his company "Freebird Games" called "To The Moon". Totally inspired me to adopt this new philosophy and he has instantly become one of my idols. Take a look at the video:


He's very talented. If I can get Selatria to be half as good as that, I'll be very satisfied with the project. He did a very good job with this.

So much for that disclaimer, huh? It seemed like the post was going to be much longer than it actually was.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

No entry :(

No post today. I tried to rant about something, but then I lost track of time. Post will come Tuesday.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Selatria: Preview Screenshots of Chapter 1

Heya, I'm writing this in a sleepy stupor, but I wanted to get a post in. Got some work done on the game, take a look at our title screen and some screenshots of Chapter 1.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Anime Vegas Write-Up

Okay, so I promised this entry that I would talk about my time at Anime Vegas.

The conclusion? It wasn't all too bad.

We left late Thursday night and got to Vegas around 1:30AM ish. The next couple of days kinda flew by.


We got our badges and saw some cosplays and different things. There wasn't a lot of eventful things that took place today, so I kind of forgot most of it. But we did try this epic Ramen bar in West Las Vegas called "Anime Ramen". I had some Udon Ramen and Tempura, and it tasted pretty good, but the service wasn't all that great.


The interesting panels were on this day. They had YGO Bonds Beyond Time Abridged which if you haven't seen on YouTube, was pretty damn funny. It also had the panel with LittleKuriboh and his newlywed wife Marianne Miller who held several panels and I proceeded to get my 3DS signed by them! Woot. :D

We also went to a panel with three douches who were tossing candy at people and making fun of everyone. I didn't care for them. Afterwards was a panel of self-described Final Fantasy fans that talked about the good and bad things about the series, but they seemed to left out any mentions of XI and XIV in their analysis... Hmmm

While I was at the panels, Shadoe/Jon/Johan filmed this back at the condominium we were staying at:


And got to watch Jabari fail at SMB3 in front of a crowd, now that was funny.


Sunday was kind of uneventful. I went to a Funimation panel, and that was about it. Got to see a preivew of the new Trigun movie coming out... or is it already out?

Packed up and enjoyed the long ride home.

I don't think AV would have been worth it if I didn't get a free stay at Vegas, but it was nice. I haven't been to Vegas since I was 10 so it was a nice time back in a very long time. Sorry for the brief overview. I  know more went on, but I'm far too sleepy to remember any of it.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Selatria Timeline

I'm not in the much mood to rant, which is why there was almost no post today. I'm going to rant about my adventures of Anime Vegas next time, but this is the outline for the game project.


Wednesday, November 16th -
Deadline for Voice Acting Auditions for Chapter 1

Friday, November 18th -
Finish cut-scenes for Chapter 1.

Friday, November 25th -
 Finish mapping for Chapter 1
Spell/Monster additions/adjustments-
Implement hat change and Mage's three "forme"s. (No art needs to be done by this date)Begin finalizing dialogue for Chapter 1


Friday, December 2nd -
Sidequest Implementation/Design
Implementation of Art and Music Assets: Part I
Finalize Dialogue for Chapter 1
Begin recording voice acting for finalized dialogue

Friday, December 9th -
User Interface Improvements
Implementation of Art and Music Assets: Part II
Finalize Dialogue for Chapter 1
Recording voice acting for finalized dialogue

Thursday, December 15th -
VA Deadline

Friday, December 16th -
Implementation of Art and Music Assets: Part III

Friday, December 23rd -
Implement Opening Cutscene

Friday, December 30th -
Closed Beta Testing Begins

Saturday, January 7th, 2012
The release of Chapter 1 for the public

Doable, right?


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Anime Vegas!

After finishing lab and two midterms later today, I'm hopefully heading out to attend Anime Vegas in Las Vegas for a few days. The place I'm staying at has no internet, so there will not be a blog post on Saturday, and I'll be back on Monday with pictures and stuff!

I am cosplaying as a Black Mage.

Will post experiences when I return Monday.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Today, a new iteration in a very popular game series was released. And it's more of the same. I'm simply disgusted. I hope to eventually get a job that creates innovative and creative games, but it's understandable to have the whole saying of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

There's just no originality in the mainstream game industry anymore. I hope indie games take off a little more, and maybe I can make a living doing that.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Regarding: RPG Maker games on YouTube

Take a look at this link.

Do you see anything in common?

All of the games suck. Badly. They either have something wrong with the mapping, the characters, the storyline, the music is stolen, the graphics are re-used, or it's just a poor game.

Why am I ranting? I'm trying to make an example or games I don't want my project to be like. Sure, there are good RPG Maker games out there, but they are way too far and few. I'm not here to make a game on fanfiction, I want to make a serious project, and everytime I try and look at expert examples, I run into games like these.

They're so bad, it makes me angry.
I just wanted to post a clear example on what I'm talking about.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sleep troubles and stress

I had some sleep troubles the past couple of days, and some bizarre dreams. I wish I could have more sleep. I just want one good night of rest and I think I'll be good... :/

Physics midterm and Computer Graphics midterm next week, and I'm kind of stressed about both of them. I'm taking Computer Graphics for fun essentially, and it's too much work to actually do the assignments, rather than taking time to learn OpenGL on my own volition.

I think I'm going to take today off, and then get to work tomorrow for Physics. Wish me luck, who ever is reading!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What a world...

What a world in which two people who love each other and are of the same sex can't get married, yet someone can marry someone they don't love for 72 days.

Although I'm probably never getting married (I personally don't want to), just reading of a certain celebrity cheapen the institution really angers me.