Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Anime Vegas Write-Up

Okay, so I promised this entry that I would talk about my time at Anime Vegas.

The conclusion? It wasn't all too bad.

We left late Thursday night and got to Vegas around 1:30AM ish. The next couple of days kinda flew by.


We got our badges and saw some cosplays and different things. There wasn't a lot of eventful things that took place today, so I kind of forgot most of it. But we did try this epic Ramen bar in West Las Vegas called "Anime Ramen". I had some Udon Ramen and Tempura, and it tasted pretty good, but the service wasn't all that great.


The interesting panels were on this day. They had YGO Bonds Beyond Time Abridged which if you haven't seen on YouTube, was pretty damn funny. It also had the panel with LittleKuriboh and his newlywed wife Marianne Miller who held several panels and I proceeded to get my 3DS signed by them! Woot. :D

We also went to a panel with three douches who were tossing candy at people and making fun of everyone. I didn't care for them. Afterwards was a panel of self-described Final Fantasy fans that talked about the good and bad things about the series, but they seemed to left out any mentions of XI and XIV in their analysis... Hmmm

While I was at the panels, Shadoe/Jon/Johan filmed this back at the condominium we were staying at:


And got to watch Jabari fail at SMB3 in front of a crowd, now that was funny.


Sunday was kind of uneventful. I went to a Funimation panel, and that was about it. Got to see a preivew of the new Trigun movie coming out... or is it already out?

Packed up and enjoyed the long ride home.

I don't think AV would have been worth it if I didn't get a free stay at Vegas, but it was nice. I haven't been to Vegas since I was 10 so it was a nice time back in a very long time. Sorry for the brief overview. I  know more went on, but I'm far too sleepy to remember any of it.
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