Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Selatria: Additional Concept Art / Progress On Chapter 1

I've been spending most of this week (like 90% of it) working and polishing cut-scenes for Selatria. I'm trying very hard to finish Chapter 1 by January 28, 2011, and so far it looks like we're going to make the goal!

The team has been very cooperative as well! Concept Art, Music, and Voice Acting pieces have been coming at a very reasonable pace and I am seeing a game of epic proportions coming together in front of our eyes. :) There's some kind of twisted satisfaction I'm getting from all of this, even though sometimes it feels like I get swamped with all of the stuff coming in.

Concept Art:

For the concept art, at first we were planning on going a heavy anime style, but then we switched to a style that you see at the bottom. It was kind of a departure of what we had at the beginning, but I like the unique-ness of it. I am having Juliet (the concept artist in the group) continue to draw ideas for new characters in the anime style she is comfortable with, and then Johan (our art director) will transpose the designs into his personal style, which will be used in the game.

Art Credits:
Johan Flynn - Character Art, Expressions
Juliet "Mangadubbgirl" - Concept Art (In Traditional Anime Style), Hat Concept, Sprite Art
Teresa Wambold - Original Character Design
Erik Boismier - Monster Concept Art


Screenshots of actual gameplay:

Development Team Credits:

"Selatria" Copyright (c) 2011-2012 The Selatria Development Team, All Rights Reserved.

Director/Producer/Lead Game Design and Concept:
Grover Wimberly IV

Airen Blakovich (Story and Concept, Dev Team Forum Director)
Jabari Smith (Art/VA Talent Director/Casting)

Game Concept/Design Team:
Grover Wimberly IV (Lead)
Airen Blakovich
William Merriam III
Andreas Engh
Jonathan Dishaw
Jabari Smith

Storyline/Plot Team:

Airen Blakovich (Lead)
Grover Wimberly IV (Original Concept)
Vikki Ceballos (Number 016 Backstory)
William Merriam III (Sidequest Director)
Jonathan Dishaw
Johan Flynn
Tricky Walker

Art Team:
Johan Flynn (Art Director: Character Expressions)
Juliet P. Taylor (Character Concept Artist, Sprite Artist)
Erik Boismier (Monster Concept Artist)
Derrick Frainee (Main Logo Design)
Teresa Wambold (Original Character Concepts)

Programming Team:
Grover Wimberly IV (Lead)
Matthew Estrada
Juan Nevares

Music/Sound Team:
Luke Simpson (Lead)
Christopher Nuno
Jonathan Dishaw
Jabari Smith
Joe Wood (Sound Effects)

Voice Acting Team:
Luis- River Kanoff
Number 016- Kristyn Yearington
Melanie- Vikki Ceballos
Mage- Jabari Lewis-Smith
Hat- Joe Wood
Gobby- Johan Flynn
Commander- Jonathan Dishaw
Merchant- Neil Stucky
Talker- Alexander Pett
Narrator- Peter L.Quon
Monsters-Jabari Lewis-smith, Joe Wood
Video Team:
David Fabian (Trailer Video Editor)

Scripts Used (With Permission):
Map Effect Pack - NoorXp
Credit Script - Jet
Splash Screen Script -  Vlue L. Maynara
Font Modifier - ChaosOverLord
Defense Script - Synthesize
Map Name Script - Falcao, edited by Grover Wimberly IV/Matthew Estrada
Custom Menu Script - Grover Wimberly IV
Battle Result Script - Woratana, edited by Grover Wimberly IV
Level Up Heal Script - Woratana

Tanketai Battle Script -
Original Script by:  Enu
English Localization:  Kylock, Mr. Bubble, Shu
Contributors & Special Thanks: Shu, Moonlight, NightWalker, Enelvon, Atoa, AlphaWhelp,       blackmorning, Mithran, Kaduki, Enu            
Front-View Battle System Script Add-On- Grover Wimberly IV
Class Change Script - Mithran

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