Thursday, January 19, 2012

Selatria: Chapter 1 Preview

I'm not sure when Selatria: Chapter 1 is going to be released for public audiences. It was originally January 28, but had to be delayed in order to finalize things. It's not going to be vaporware... it'll just be ready when it's ready. It's coming along very nicely, though!

I'm working on cutscenes and gameplay development, the voice actors are recording lines as they're being finished, and the artists are working on the various expressions and sprites.

Johan is doing the expressions/reactions/faces, and Juliet is doing the sprite art and the menu portraits. So far it's meshing quite well as you can see.

Here are some screenshots of what the project looks like now:

YouTube page will be coming soon. I'm hoping to show samples of the soundtrack done by Luke Simpson, Chris Nuno, and others as teasers as well as our trailer being hosted on there. It'll be up soon. I just like to wait until things are smooth and finished before letting the open public play the project. @_@

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