Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2012 Valentine's Day Post

For those who haven't been keeping up with posts on holidays, I try to post little comics like these using the game engine for fun. If it catches on, I might make a Deviant Art or something for these comics, but as of now they'll only be posted for special occasions like today! Which is Happy Valentine's Day, or Single Awareness Day and/or February 14th.

For the last couple of years I have been pretty bitter about this day, but I'm determined to make today a good day, regardless if I have someone to share it with or not! Some people become either really happy or are outright heartbroken or lonely depending on the day, while I've been the latter, I want to take the time and appreciate the people who don't have a Valentine or whatever. There are lots of good guys and gals out there that are single and get passed over for whatever reason, and it's an awful feeling for sure.

Anyway! Check out the comic and the song below.

I always post a song for each year pertaining to this day. Last year's song was "Love Is Like A Rock" by Donnie Iris. This year is "Something About You" by Level 42.

How, how can it be
That a love carved out of caring
Fashioned by fate
Could suffer so hard
From the games played once too often
But making mistakes
Is a part of life's imperfections
Born of the years
Is it so wrong
To be human after all

Drawn into the stream
Of undefined illusion
Those diamond dreams
They can't disguise the truth
That there is something about you, baby, so right
I wouldn't be without you, baby, tonight

If ever our love was concealed
No one can say that we didn't feel
A million things and a perfect dream of life
Gone, fragile but free
We remain tender together
If not so in love
It's not so wrong
We're only human after all

These changing years
They add to your confusion
Oh and you need to hear
The time that told the truth

Because there's something about you, baby, so right
I couldn't live without you, baby, tonight

And that there's something about you
And I couldn't live without you tonight
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