Thursday, February 2, 2012

RPG Maker + Final Fantasy XIII-2

"Dude quit being a fucking hater about everything who gives a fuck if you dont like something dont hate I dont hate on your game even though it looks like a carbon copy of a old ff game that looks like you made it on rpg maker, so fucking unoriginal with that see ya when I see ya hater"

This was the message I received in my inbox this morning for saying something bad about Final Fantasy XIII-2. I'll talk about my views on that a little later.

Well, joke's on you. I am using RPG Maker. It's a shame it has this kind of reputation, and one I am trying to get rid of. Good games can be created by the program, however they are overwhelmed by the amount of bad games made on the program.

Here's an example of a good game in RPG Maker:

Here's an example of a bad game in RPG Maker:


The bottom is why the majority of people seem to frown upon using the program. But hey, if you want to program a game from scratch, feel free to. There is a project (two of them!) my university is doing that are coded from scratch. Mythic and Lacuna Reaver. Both are RPGs.

Both which are great projects, have a lot of time and effort invested into them. Have their own well-designed teams and what not. However, for the amount of time building everything from scratch, their purpose is more to have a game that is coded well and built primarily to train students on how to program and function in a software engineering team. I'm not here to code anything from scratch with Selatria. I'm using pre-built programmed assets with my own programmed modifications and systems to create an epic experience that you don't quite get in other RPG Maker games.

At least, that's the goal. So when people say (and I get this a lot) that it looks like a Final Fantasy carbon copy. I'm actually very pleased to hear that, because it models off a handful of 2D RPGs that I grew up with a kid, notably Lufia, Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, and Pokemon. Games which don't seem to have that sense of passion anymore. Games that once were one of my favorite games I would look forward to in a franchise and now seem to have been developed without a heart in it.

Which brings me to my next point.


Final Fantasy XIII-2 came out the other day for Xbox 360 and PS3. This was the first Final Fantasy game I have not bought on release day since the release of FFIX in 2000. This is my reasons: I honestly feel burned by the FF series. This is with no disrespect to the people that make them, the productions of the game has gotten so large as of late that there seems to be no cohesion. I loved the Final Fantasy games that had a unique brilliance of music, storytelling, art, and most importantly gameplay.

The first production department which does production of FFX, FFX-2, and FFXIII seems to value a unique storytelling experience, even if it does away with unique gameplay systems like exploration and adventure.

They make good games, they sell well, but they aren't of my tastes. I want more of an exploration than a action-packed game. That's the direction of the team, and that's not why I like role-playing games.

So I mean no disrespect for those who actually like FFXIII-2, like FFXIII it is a good RPG. But when it comes to being a Final Fantasy game, it does not fit my vision of what a Final Fantasy game should entail. Me sarcastically bashing the game is what started the whole message in the first place.

Example of what I think a chocobo theme should sound like:


Example of what one of the two chocobo themes in FFXIII-2 sounds like:

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