Sunday, April 22, 2012

Selatria -- Concept Art/Tentative Chapter 1 Release Date

I promise to get back more into the spirit of posting regular updates. I haven't had a chance to.

Shame for non-frequent updates... I know.

I have a whirlwind of things going on. I'm working on helping present a game to the IEEE Game Showcase in Orange County next Saturday. I never worked on the game, but since I let them know about the showcase, they invited me to the team and I helped put together the movie using fraps to get some of the gameplay footage while the designers compiled it into a YouTube movie for the presentation.

The game is called Lacuna Reaver, and an alpha implementation of the project will be shown there. Check it out and show support. We'd definitely appreciate it.

I'm also working on a Kinect programming project, but I'm not sure if I can talk about that publicly or not. So I won't.


The Selatria team and I are working on finalizing a lot of stuff for Chapter 1. The game has come a long way, and during the transition period, I didn't want to post a lot of un-finalized concepts in the transition period. We're nearing completion of the Chapter 1, which will be released FREE to anyone who would like to give that part of the game a try. The goal to have this available is the week of E3 2012, so Monday June 4, 2012 is what I'm shooting for. It's originally 7 months later than I intended (I wanted it done in December), but some criticism I got involving some early footage of the game I released warranted some postponement.

Just keep in mind, the whole game in its entirety, (Chapter 1-6) will cost something... as it won't be free-to-play. But it won't be more than $5 or so for a digital download copy of the game. I don't see anyone paying more than that for an indie game, anyhow. Here are some screenshots and artwork from the game. The artists really went the extra mile to come up with these in their spare time, and I'm really grateful to have such talent on the team.

Props to Johan Flynn for the character designs and coloring, and Erik Boismier for the monster concepts and shadowing.

I think that's about it for now. See you guys next post. (I'll try to post more frequently. And game-related. Promise!)
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