Sunday, April 29, 2012

Selatria Updates / Sphere RPG Open-Source Engine

Hello, readers(?)

Going to split this post up into two sections. Progress on Selatria, and a pitch to anyone who might be interested in learning a new open-source game engine.


Updated logo by Derrick Frainee

I messaged most of the team, and they seem like they are able to make the deadline with no problems. I'm just worried about one more artist that hasn't responded. But we're really going to try for a June 6-8th release to time it with the E3 announcements.

Of course, Selatria won't be at E3 (I wish), but I feel like it's a goal to release something at the same time just for the sake of the team. Just Chapter 1, there's still five more chapters to go, but now that the groundwork for the program/design for the team attack system and reserved points system that I designer are mostly complete (may need some tweaks), the main hard parts are down and make us ready to proceed.

The inspiration for the project seems to come and go though. There are some dead moments (I admit) where I want to do anything but work on the game, but then there are other times when so many people from the team submit things and I really like seeing the whole thing come together. I'd have to say that's my biggest inspiration, when I see others submit their stuff, it makes me feel like I need to compete with their quality and fine-tune the things I've implemented thus far.

Here's a preview of what's being worked on. Apologies if some pictures have been posted before. I don't exactly have all too great of a memory.

**Screenshots are in development and are subject to change.**

Whim Independent Studios Logo: Derrick Frainee
Character Dialogue Portrait Art: Johan Flynn

Dialogue: Jonathan Dishaw, Myself
Sprites: Juliet Taylor, William Merriam, Myself


I'm aware the EXP bars in the last picture are a bit bugged at the moment... But yeah, hoping for a June 4th release, still. Hope you'll give it a try!

Sphere -- Open Source RPG Engine:

Anyone have experience with JavaScript? I have limited experience with it myself aside from a Software Engineering course I took. This is an open-source RPG game engine developed using that language. It allows for cross-platform development, which is one thing that plagues my Selatria project, the fact that it is Windows-only.

I would like to eventually re-implement Selatria and its battle system on Sphere for it to reach a wider audience. Of course, I would need a much bigger programming team in order to get that done. I would also like to be able to teach new people programming (in JavaScript I guess) in the future to solidify my own personal understanding of the language.

Might anyone be interested in learning it with me over this Summer?

You can learn more about Sphere here.

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