Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Selatria: Development Blog Update 5/30

It's been a long week, but a fairly productive one. I spent Monday working on getting the voices for Commander in at a recording studio. It went very well. Made for some funny recording moments, unfortunately Jabari got all of the funny pictures. Maybe next post?

Also: Here's some new concept art done by Erik Boismier and Jonathan Flynn. He will be a recurring antagonist throughout the story.


As for voice acting, we were able to put up a Mage introduction for our YouTube page. Check it out below!

I posted a preview of what to expect from (in a?) Selatria trailer that I'm working on for YouTube. I originally meant it to be for Facebook friends, but what the heck? I'll repost it here. Here's a hint: The main antagonist of the game is in the movie somewhere.


Voice Actors featured:
Peter Lim Quon (Narrator)
Jonathan Martin Dishaw (Commander)
Jabari Smith (Mage)
Vikki Ceballos (Melanie)

Music featured: 
Christopher Nuno (Introduction) 
Luke Simpson (Trial Cave)
Character Art: Jonathan Flynn
SFX: Donald Brown
Storyline: Airen Blakovich
World Map Design: William Merriam
Producer/Director/Game Design/Storyline: Grover Wimberly IV
Co-Director: Jabari Smith
I got some great feedback from a friend, he suggested that some dialogue be modified for better flow. I'm going to see if I can get that in before the trailer is done. I want to have it done by June 4th, but it's possible that it may be delayed. It will contain the introduction, but also show actual gameplay as well.
I wish I could post some samples of themes in the works, as they sound extremely awesome. Luke Simpson recently finished the Boss Theme for the game which sounds absolutely amazing. Bosses are also going to have multiple forms, and he's now working on a theme that plays when the boss has low HP. From what I've heard him show me, it fits for the situation perfectly. I hope you guys will enjoy the music in the game as well. It's an entirely original soundtrack.

Here are some updated screenshots showing off some of the new monsters. Erik Boismier, our head monster artist, is working on getting the shadowing for all of the monsters, so it's still a work in progress.

Unfortunately the beta testing dates I had planned in a previous post have to be postponed to the middle-end of June. We have some scheduling conflicts of getting the voices for one of our main characters, and to release that without the person's voice would be disrespectful to the team and undermine all that we've worked on.

I want to release a complete chapter 1 of the game with voices/art intact. So thank you for being patient. :)

Until next post.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

5/20 Selatria Updates: Concept Art, Luis Character Reel, Auditions...

Commander Concept Art: By Erik Boismier and Jonathan Flynn
Logo: Derrick Frainee

I haven't had a chance to do any updates in a while, thought I should...

Here's the hopeful schedule for how things should turn out, if everything goes as planned:

June 3: Selatria Trailer
June 4: Closed Beta Testing Begins via special Dropbox invite.
June 11: Open Beta Testing Begins / Website Launches
June 18: Public Chapter 1 is open for all

Selatria Chapter 1 is nearing completion. Only after about 6 months of delays or so... we released some footage of gameplay early on and got this long-winded feedback from this individual, made us feel like we needed a lot more polish, so I pushed it back three more months.

I just finished developing all of the boss fights on paper, I'm going to spend this week working on that and the introduction cut-scene. You guys will like the voice for that, I hope! (Well, I did.)

I wish we had a dedicated sprite and environmental artist, but I still want to get the game out there. I'm hoping we can find these kinds of artists to help on the project once they see what we actually have done so far.

Between last post and this one, we also put a new preview for Luis, the old eccentric main character. Take a look/listen!

 Luis: Voiced by River Kanoff
Script: Airen Blakovich

Speaking of which, auditions for the characters I mentioned in previous post are now closed. We are in the deciding process of who is being cast, and I don't want to post who got the role here before they got the memo.

Anyway, that's all for now. Next time, maybe game-play footage...

Pictures of re-done scenes with fog below:


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Selatria Development Update: Voice Auditions, Existing Voices, and Music

An update to what's being worked on. :)

Casting has started for two new characters. Number 015, and the Guard. If you're interested in auditioning, please refer to the link below for lines. You can message Jabari (the original poster there) or email me your submissions/auditions at either:

ultknightgrover AT
wimberlg AT

The submission deadline is May 15th, no exceptions. More info at the link provided below.!-Casting-session-two!&p=1198203#post1198203

Overview of the characters that have open roles:

Number 015 will be a recurring mini-boss in the game, encountered near the end of chapter 1. Sent by the Dakk'rian Empire to finish what 016 could not, he is a foil to her changing ways, forcing her to acknowledge her past as a heartless assassin.

Number 015 Concept Art -- May be subject to change.

The Guard/Soldier is a drone for the Empire more or less. Can be voiced by either a male or female. (There will be modifications to the art below if there is a female casted.) However, I did get one submission so far that treated the soldier and guard as two different characters... Interesting interpretation.

Guard/Soldier Concept Art -- May be subject to change.

Existing Character Voices:

Here's a preview of Number 016, one of the main characters in the team. She is voiced by Kristyn Yearington, also known as ohnobones in the VA community.

I will upload new character profiles hopefully once a week. Next week, I will show Luis, the eccentric old man of the team who seems to like breaking fourth walls.


I don't think I've posted these themes on my blog just yet.

Dakk'rund Overworld Theme - It's a desert like theme. Hear any game homages? -- Composed by Jabari Smith

Zaya Tower - It's going to be a sidequest like dungeon. I particularly like this theme because it gives an increasing feel of tension. -- Composed by Christopher Nuno

The bottom theme is before we modified the logo. The T in Tria resembled something that may be potentially offensive. We don't have any form of religious connotations in the game, the design was a strange coincidence, so it was modified slightly.

Character Art: Johan Flynn
Logo Art: Derrick Frainee