Sunday, May 20, 2012

5/20 Selatria Updates: Concept Art, Luis Character Reel, Auditions...

Commander Concept Art: By Erik Boismier and Jonathan Flynn
Logo: Derrick Frainee

I haven't had a chance to do any updates in a while, thought I should...

Here's the hopeful schedule for how things should turn out, if everything goes as planned:

June 3: Selatria Trailer
June 4: Closed Beta Testing Begins via special Dropbox invite.
June 11: Open Beta Testing Begins / Website Launches
June 18: Public Chapter 1 is open for all

Selatria Chapter 1 is nearing completion. Only after about 6 months of delays or so... we released some footage of gameplay early on and got this long-winded feedback from this individual, made us feel like we needed a lot more polish, so I pushed it back three more months.

I just finished developing all of the boss fights on paper, I'm going to spend this week working on that and the introduction cut-scene. You guys will like the voice for that, I hope! (Well, I did.)

I wish we had a dedicated sprite and environmental artist, but I still want to get the game out there. I'm hoping we can find these kinds of artists to help on the project once they see what we actually have done so far.

Between last post and this one, we also put a new preview for Luis, the old eccentric main character. Take a look/listen!

 Luis: Voiced by River Kanoff
Script: Airen Blakovich

Speaking of which, auditions for the characters I mentioned in previous post are now closed. We are in the deciding process of who is being cast, and I don't want to post who got the role here before they got the memo.

Anyway, that's all for now. Next time, maybe game-play footage...

Pictures of re-done scenes with fog below:


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