Sunday, May 6, 2012

Selatria Development Update: Voice Auditions, Existing Voices, and Music

An update to what's being worked on. :)

Casting has started for two new characters. Number 015, and the Guard. If you're interested in auditioning, please refer to the link below for lines. You can message Jabari (the original poster there) or email me your submissions/auditions at either:

ultknightgrover AT
wimberlg AT

The submission deadline is May 15th, no exceptions. More info at the link provided below.!-Casting-session-two!&p=1198203#post1198203

Overview of the characters that have open roles:

Number 015 will be a recurring mini-boss in the game, encountered near the end of chapter 1. Sent by the Dakk'rian Empire to finish what 016 could not, he is a foil to her changing ways, forcing her to acknowledge her past as a heartless assassin.

Number 015 Concept Art -- May be subject to change.

The Guard/Soldier is a drone for the Empire more or less. Can be voiced by either a male or female. (There will be modifications to the art below if there is a female casted.) However, I did get one submission so far that treated the soldier and guard as two different characters... Interesting interpretation.

Guard/Soldier Concept Art -- May be subject to change.

Existing Character Voices:

Here's a preview of Number 016, one of the main characters in the team. She is voiced by Kristyn Yearington, also known as ohnobones in the VA community.

I will upload new character profiles hopefully once a week. Next week, I will show Luis, the eccentric old man of the team who seems to like breaking fourth walls.


I don't think I've posted these themes on my blog just yet.

Dakk'rund Overworld Theme - It's a desert like theme. Hear any game homages? -- Composed by Jabari Smith

Zaya Tower - It's going to be a sidequest like dungeon. I particularly like this theme because it gives an increasing feel of tension. -- Composed by Christopher Nuno

The bottom theme is before we modified the logo. The T in Tria resembled something that may be potentially offensive. We don't have any form of religious connotations in the game, the design was a strange coincidence, so it was modified slightly.

Character Art: Johan Flynn
Logo Art: Derrick Frainee

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