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Selatria Development Team Credits

Please see the updated game credits here.

"Selatria" Copyright (c) 2011-2012 The Selatria Development Team, All Rights Reserved.

Producer/Director/Lead Game Design and Concept:

Grover Wimberly IV

Co-Director/Lead Talent Director and Casting:

Jabari Smith

Game Concept/Design Team:

Grover Wimberly IV (Lead)
William Merriam III (Mapping)
Airen Blakovich
Andreas Engh
Jonathan Dishaw
Jabari Smith

Storyline/Plot Team:

Airen Blakovich (Lead)
Grover Wimberly IV (Original Concept)
Vikki Ceballos (Number 016 Backstory)
William Merriam III (Sidequest Director)
Jonathan Dishaw (Script Revision)
Jonathan Flynn
Rodney Walker

Art Team:

Jonathan Flynn (Lead Artist, Art Directon: Character Concepts/Expressions, Coloring)
Erik Boismier (Lead Enemy/Monster Concept Artist, Character Shadowing)
Derrick Frainee (Main Logo Design)
Gyreck (Status Effects/Sprite Artist)
Juliet P. Taylor (Character Concepts, Sprite Artist)

Music/Sound Team:

Luke Simpson (Lead Composer)
Christopher Nuño (Composer)
Jonathan Dishaw (Composer)
Jabari Smith (Composer)
Donald Brown (Sound Effects)
Shadoe (Sound Editor)

Voice Acting Team:

Mage                  -  Jabari Lewis-Smith
Melanie              -  Vikki Ceballos
Luis                    -  River Kanoff
Number 016       -  Kristyn Yearington
Hat                     -  Bowie Alexander
Gobby                -  Johan Flynn
Commander       -  Jonathan Dishaw
Prologue Guard -  Fiona Cheung
Prison Guard     -  Michelle Deco
Number 015      -  Anthony Hintzen
Merchant          -  Neil Stucky
Talker               -  Bowie Alexander
Narrator           -  Peter L.Quon
Monsters         -  Jabari Lewis-Smith

Programming Team:

Grover Wimberly IV (Lead)
Matthew Estrada
Juan Nevares
Additional Scripters (See Below)  

Scripts Used (With Permission given for use with commercial projects):

Map Effect Pack - NoorXp
Splash Screen Script -  Vlue L. Maynara
Font Modifier - ChaosOverLord
Defense Script - Synthesize
Modified Map Name Script - Falcao, edited by Grover Wimberly IV/Matthew Estrada
Modified Custom Menu Script - Grover Wimberly IV
Modified Battle Result Script - Woratana, edited by Grover Wimberly IV
Level Up Heal Script - Woratana

Tanketai Battle Script -

Original Script by:  Enu
English Localization:  Kylock, Mr. Bubble, Shu
Contributors & Special Thanks: Shu, Moonlight, NightWalker, Enelvon, Atoa, AlphaWhelp, blackmorning, Mithran, Kaduki, Enu     
 Front-View Tankentai Battle System Script Add-On- Grover Wimberly IV

Special Thanks:
Cristobal Guerrero
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