Monday, June 18, 2012

Selatria: Development Team Open Positions

Samples of art/pictures submitted by current team members:
Character Face Art: Jonathan Flynn
Spell Icons: Gyreck
Full-Body Character/Monster Art: Erik Boismier/Jonathan Flynn


Development on Chapter 1 is coming to a close soon, a trailer is coming this week, and open testing/demo is coming next week!

I wanted to update what I'm looking for in the team. While I got a lot of requests of people who are interested in joining, I am really only looking for the following positions, and serious ones at that. We move at a really fast pace on the project and a lot of us spend our free time working late nights on actually developing the project and giving each other suggestions on how to improve the game.

That being said, we're looking for very passionate people, and if you don't quite fit the spots available and think you have some ideas that may be great, please join! We'd love to have your input.


Selatria is a game largely developed as a collaborative effort between game designers, artists, musicians, actors, and other talented individuals. As such, it is a for-profit using mostly original-created resources.

All development team members get a share of ownership in the project!

Team members who submit resources to the project will get a share in ownership of the entire game. (Percentages will not be determined until completion of the project and will be agreed upon by the group.)

***Prospective development team members must look over and agree to our development team agreement.***

Regarding those interested in joining the project on a commission basis:

Unfortunately, I'm not looking for people who are willing to submit resources to the game via commission-based pay at this time. If any revenue comes into the game project, it will be split proportionally to all of us passionate people in the team currently who have been working not just for money, but to see a big project to completion.

If the project gets enough revenue in the future to give back to all of us currently in the team who have been here working on the project, then I will open up commission-based payment for new members in the future. Current team members are a clear priority, though.

Goals for the game project:

  • Creating a fun and enjoyable gaming RPG for the player that mixes retro 2D concepts with elements adapted from newer games. (Voice acting, achievements, and the like.) This is undoubtedly the most important point.
  • Redoing all of the environments to give the game a unique look and atmosphere that matches our game vision.
  • Creating a game that the team can use as a stepping stone or a resume/work sample to obtain employment in a related industry. 
  • To be able to see a giant six-chapter game project to completion. For some reason or another, projects get canceled mid-development and it ends up being a giant waste of time for all involved.
  • To be able to learn the SphereDev open-source RPG engine to be able to port the project to other platforms.

Open Positions:

*Indicates a new position that has opened.

Position -- Priority

Art Team:

-Environmental Tile Artist (Buildings, tiles, grass, bizarre environments) -- VERY HIGH
-Animation Artist (for Spells/Abilities) -- HIGH
-Concept Artist (Weapons/Armor)-- HIGH
-Digital Artist -- HIGH
-Icon Designer (Weapons) -- HIGH
-Dedicated Unique Sprite Artist (Monsters) -- MEDIUM

Programmers/Game Designers:

-JavaScript Programmers for new RPG Engine -- HIGH
-Ruby Script Programmers  -- MEDIUM
-Event Planner -- MEDIUM
-RPG Maker VX Event Planner -- MEDIUM*
-Webpage Designer -- MEDIUM*


-Voice Actors -- Audition Basis: Please talk to Jabari Smith or myself if you want to audition for a role.


 -Game Tester (Intentionally tries to break the game on a weekly basis leaving detailed notes of bugs) -- MEDIUM*

-Storyline Fact Checker (Intentionally looks for discontinuities in the story, checks to make sure things make sense leaving detailed notes of story concepts that are not well explained or thought out.) -- MEDIUM*

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