Monday, June 18, 2012

Selatria Group Agreement

The purpose of this agreement is to ensure the advancement of the "Codename: EPIC"  project and or related project names this may go under in the future. This contract is not meant to be a hindrance, nor is it meant to trick anyone in the group into agreeing to anything that is unreasonable, unfair, or consequential to the development of the project.

Members will be subject to agree to -all- of these rules:

1/ Resources that are submitted by an individual in a team will be required to credit their contributions that they submit to the project. (Definition of resource: Any art, musical piece, character design, windowskin, tileset, lines of code, voice acting submission, sprite etc. This does not include ideas or suggestions) The more submissions that are credited, the more we have documented on how to split up shares of sales once the game goes live so everyone gets a fair percentage for their work on the project.

2/ All resource submissions that are used in the actual project from team members become property of the Development Team as a whole (and not any specific individual) after 30 days (starting the date the resource was placed into the Dropbox folder) has passed. [This does not apply to works in progress, musical demos, or ideas to be considered. This only applies to resources that have been finalized for the project.] If a resource is being used and has been in the dropbox for 30 days or longer, the person will be unable to retroactively take their resource out of the project. Furthermore, the person will be credited and receive a percentage via said contribution to the project no matter what.

*Resources in the dropbox already are subject to the 30 day rule starting with the date of April 8th, 2011.

3/ By accepting this agreement, members will be unable to communicate to any proprietary company about specific details about this project. (Including characters, areas, and concepts in development.) You are free to talk about this project to friends, relatives, significant others, and the like. However, agreeing to this contract means that you are not allowed to sell or transfer these ideas to a company for personal or financial gain. (Excluding resumes.)

4/ For resignation: Members will be required to give a one (1) week advance notice before official departure from the group. If doing a short notice resignation of less than one week, then we (the development team) have one week to remove anything submitted by the person leaving that has not passed the 30 days needed to become group ownership.

Addendum: 2/26/2012

5/ The head(s) of the project (Director, Producer) reserve the right to, if there have been no significant contributions at all to the project over a long period of time, to remove that individual from the team. ("Long period of time" means 3-6 months with no significant contributions made at all to the group.) This does not apply to members of the group who have made significant contributions at one time, but because of what ever reason had to take a break from the project. This rule is more reserved for the people who have been in the team for an extended period of time and have nothing or only one or two ideas/concepts to show for it and does not provide any input or reasoning for their long absence. Removed members under this addendum will have their rightful contributions to the project removed, and their credits deleted from the team.

Addendum: 8/2/2012

6/ As well as part-ownership of the game, those who have submitted resources, voice acted files, art, music, or related visual-sound effects will retain ownership over their contributed resources and are free to share their contributions on their own if they choose.

The Selatria project will have an unlimited license to use these submitted resources if they are put into the project and have passed the time limit that was previously specified.

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