Friday, July 27, 2012

Selatria Demo Version 1.1 is now online!

<<     Selatria Version 1.1 Download       >>

Note: Transferring save files from v1.0 to v1.1 is okay. Transferring save files from 1.1 back to a previous build of the game may corrupt save data.

[Critical Bugs Fixed]

-An issue where Luis would appear and teleport the player back to the prison in Chapter 1-4 or later has been fixed.

-An issue where the player character would become permanently invisible upon re-entering Mt. Onyo has been fixed.

-An issue where a party member in Chapter 1-5 has a rotating sprite in battle and the wrong name has been fixed. Old files that have this issue will be corrected when going to the third floor of Mt. Onyo. 

-An issue where the game may lock-up in certain cutscenes in Chapter 1-5 have been fixed.

[Minor Bugs Fixed]

-An issue where the sound effects for the cats would not play has been fixed.

-An issue where Melanie would continue to appear in the Trial Cave after Chapter 1-2 has been fixed.

-An issue where the name of the area would no longer appear after the beginning of Chapter 1-5 has been fixed. Old files that have this issue will be corrected when going to the third floor of Mt. Onyo. 

-Certain voices that did not play correctly have been fixed.
-An issue where Availian Students rescued would not appear at the Trial Cave has been fixed.

[Gameplay Changes]

- Items picked up in jail cells in the Availian Prison now disappear permanently.

- Monsters have a greater resistance to "Shock" status effect.

-Elemental nukes do more damage.

-Two new spells have been added.

Paramedic: Level 1 - Regeneration -- Gives the whole party a regeneration effect. Heals HP over time.

Elementalist: Level 1 - Focus -- Adds Regeneration effect to self and restores AP.

-Monster placement outside Availia has changed. New monsters have been added to reflect this.

-Certain monster art has been slightly modified.

-Some dialogue has been modified.

-New equipment has been added.

-New treasure boxes have been added to existing areas.

-The difficulty of the game has been adjusted.

-The game now launches in full-screen mode. To toggle full-screen/windowed mode. Press Alt+Enter key.

-The controls notepad readme has been updated.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Selatria: Current Issues

This page is mainly for game bugs. Suggested changes and recommendations to gameplay have been logged as well, but won't be posted here. Thanks to all who have submitted feedback! Version 1.1 is going to come later this week.

Last Updated: 7/24/2012 -- 5:40PM PT

Current issues:


Paramedic does not learn Poispur.
Non-existant items may appear in the inventory.
Stomach ache hurts entire party.
The ability "Ice Blade" has a missing sound effect.
When hidden kitties are found, the voices don't play properly.


Chapter 1-2:

Some of the voices are not executing properly.
Unintended NPCs appear in the wrong areas if certain circumstances occur.

Chapter 1-3:

There is an issue where Luis may get stuck in the introductory cutscene.
Some of the voices are not executing properly.
Some of the dialogue does not match voice properly.

Chapter 1-4:

Certain NPCs don't appear in the Trial Cave if certain conditions are met.

Chapter 1-5:

Some of the voices are not executing properly.
Phase 1 of the final battle is bugged and voices/moves do not go as planned.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Dark Knight Rises Massacre

In the topic: I feel really bad about posting the Batman-related joke yesterday about people spoiling it. I'm also glad that the picture was taken down from the source.

What a depressing day. I do still want to see the film, though. But it is saddening that even things like simple movie theaters are probably going to get metal detectors or additional security from here on out.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Final Fantasy XIV 1.22 Adventures

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It has been a very long time since I last blogged about my in-game adventures. Since I've posted last, Patch 1.22 has hit, and it opened up Hamlet Defense battles, a new imperial stronghold called "Castrum Novum", and a fight against the primal Garuda.

New 1.22 Tunes:

The soundtrack isn't 100% done by series composer Nobuo Uematsu anymore. Sad face. But I am happy with some of the co-composers. Naoshi Mizuta (FFXI, XIII-2, and 4 Heroes of Light), Tsuyoshi Sekito who was a member of the band "The Black Mages", and Ryo Yamazaki who is a synthesizer programmer and has worked on older Square games.

Here are some of my favorite tunes out of 1.22:

Garuda Battle Theme

Castrum Novum Imperial Stronghold 


We were sent by Cid to investigate the new stronghold Castrum Novum situated in Western Mor Dhona. Our job is to stop the Garlean Imperials from summoning Meteor by destroying their Lunar Transmitter situated within the center of the stronghold. Pictures below. However, as the transmitter is destroyed, peace comes for a short time. We'll figure out what happens at the conclusion of the pre-2.0 storyline in Patch 1.23.




Hamlet Defense:

I really like Hamlet battles, though the way to make them as efficient as it is, is kinda crazy. An optimal setup hardly has any fighting between us actual people. We buff/heal the NPCs and they take all the mobs down.

Short version: Fun, but way too limited.


A pain in the ass, it's a constant joke among my shellmates that we call her the Bird B*tch. She has three phases. We're slowly struggling our way through the fight making constant attempts to take her out every Friday and Sunday night.

Phase 1:

She has four rocks that surround her, we have to kill her and little Tornado adds slowly damage and whittle down the surrounding terrain. The size of the rocks determines the damage from Aerial Blast. The lower the rocks, the more damage.

Phase 2: She starts summoning winds that surround the battlefield and teleports everywhere. Did I mention those tornado adds come for us now that the rocks are destroyed?

Phase 3: She summons two of her sisters to help out. We can't seem to get past this phase.

It's my current in-game goal to knock out Garuda before the 1.0 client goes down, because the nature of her fight will change. I want to be able to say I beat it in the current pre-2.0 thing, even if only for bragging rights. *Shrug*


Not really 1.22 material, but I'm still working towards a Moogle Sword. Haven't gotten it yet, but got some other interesting things.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Selatria: What to know for Chapter 1 Demo.

See Also: Updated Selatria Development Team Credits

Chapter 1 is scheduled to hit late tomorrow night, and I've been spending many sleepless nights in order to try to get it done in time. (Sleep? What is sleep?). I've compiled a list of features that may or may not be consistent with the actual game when it hits next year.

Some examples of changes:

-There will be a level cap imposed on the characters to prevent the trial from being 'too easy' via grinding. The level cap for the chapter 1 demo will be level 30.

-The amount of reserved points one can hold is capped at 300.

-There will be an allowed saving feature. There are plans to allow save data to carry over to the actual game once it is completed next year, this may or may not change in the future.

-The progression in the demo is intentionally easier than the actual game will be.

-Some quests have been left out of the trial version, and this may cause certain areas to become inaccessible.

-Achievements are not present, but there will be a special achievement if you bring in saved data from the trial version to the actual game. Like the saving feature above, this may or may not change in the future.