Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Final Fantasy XIV 1.22 Adventures

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It has been a very long time since I last blogged about my in-game adventures. Since I've posted last, Patch 1.22 has hit, and it opened up Hamlet Defense battles, a new imperial stronghold called "Castrum Novum", and a fight against the primal Garuda.

New 1.22 Tunes:

The soundtrack isn't 100% done by series composer Nobuo Uematsu anymore. Sad face. But I am happy with some of the co-composers. Naoshi Mizuta (FFXI, XIII-2, and 4 Heroes of Light), Tsuyoshi Sekito who was a member of the band "The Black Mages", and Ryo Yamazaki who is a synthesizer programmer and has worked on older Square games.

Here are some of my favorite tunes out of 1.22:

Garuda Battle Theme

Castrum Novum Imperial Stronghold 


We were sent by Cid to investigate the new stronghold Castrum Novum situated in Western Mor Dhona. Our job is to stop the Garlean Imperials from summoning Meteor by destroying their Lunar Transmitter situated within the center of the stronghold. Pictures below. However, as the transmitter is destroyed, peace comes for a short time. We'll figure out what happens at the conclusion of the pre-2.0 storyline in Patch 1.23.




Hamlet Defense:

I really like Hamlet battles, though the way to make them as efficient as it is, is kinda crazy. An optimal setup hardly has any fighting between us actual people. We buff/heal the NPCs and they take all the mobs down.

Short version: Fun, but way too limited.


A pain in the ass, it's a constant joke among my shellmates that we call her the Bird B*tch. She has three phases. We're slowly struggling our way through the fight making constant attempts to take her out every Friday and Sunday night.

Phase 1:

She has four rocks that surround her, we have to kill her and little Tornado adds slowly damage and whittle down the surrounding terrain. The size of the rocks determines the damage from Aerial Blast. The lower the rocks, the more damage.

Phase 2: She starts summoning winds that surround the battlefield and teleports everywhere. Did I mention those tornado adds come for us now that the rocks are destroyed?

Phase 3: She summons two of her sisters to help out. We can't seem to get past this phase.

It's my current in-game goal to knock out Garuda before the 1.0 client goes down, because the nature of her fight will change. I want to be able to say I beat it in the current pre-2.0 thing, even if only for bragging rights. *Shrug*


Not really 1.22 material, but I'm still working towards a Moogle Sword. Haven't gotten it yet, but got some other interesting things.

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