Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Selatria - Development Blog Post 8/21

Download Chapter 1 Demo Here
Selatria Development Team Credits
Open Positions for Selatria Development Team

Chapter 1 development is being polished, and we're doing the groundwork for Chapter 2. I'm hoping to be finished with that in the end of November.

Chapter 2 Gameplay Screenies:
A lot of this is very early in development, likely to change.


Christopher Nuño, one of our team composers, came up with a new theme for cutscenes. I've uploaded a sample, check it out.


Team Recruitment:

Remember the post about open spots in the Selatria Development Team? We posted  a thread for recruitment for Selatria team members on the Voice Acting Alliance. From what I understand, we aren't getting much luck there outside from voice talent, so I'm going to try something new and see if we can get talent from IndieDB.

One of the main talent that we're missing from the team is a good environmental artist to change the look of the grass, the sand, the trees, the water, in order to have an original look for Selatria.

Though, on the other hand, there was a recent post that really inspired me. Reynard Frost, a game developer who worked on the game "Ruins of Rydos" was interviewed by RPG Maker Web, and this question was asked:


Q: What one thing do you think is important for all RPG Maker developers to keep in mind?
A: The one piece of advice I’d share with everyone is to “Work with what you have”. A lot of folks kind of sit on their laurels waiting for everything to be perfect or to have this ideal amount of people helping them or ideal amount of resources. You’ll never finish your game with a mindset like that. You need to use what you have, and make the best you can with it. If you get some extra help, fine. But work on what you can and make the best of it. It’s better to have a finished product that’s rough than an unfinished mess that’s only partially perfect.


Work with what you have. I have to take some of that advice.

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