Monday, August 13, 2012

Selatria v1.2 Improvements

Download v1.2 of Selatria here.


-The version of the game is now displayed in the lower-left corner of the title screen.
-Difficulty on Chapter 1-4 has been adjusted.
-Difficulty on Chapter 1-5 has been adjusted.
-Animations for some enemies have been changed.
-New "Head" accessories are now available for Melanie and Number 016.
-New quests have been added.
-New treasure chests have been added.
-New key item has been added that allows voices to be toggled at any time.
-"Wanted Species" and "Rare Monsters" have been renamed to a unified "Uncommon Enemy".
-Properties of certain weapons have been changed.

Fixed Bugs:

-An issue where the guard would reset to her original position after changing areas from Melanie's Cell has been fixed.

-An issue where Number 015 had no status weaknesses has been fixed.

-An issue where "Shade" and "Divine" did too much damage has been addressed.

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