Sunday, September 16, 2012

Regarding people who try and flirt to get anything they want.

Maybe it is one of the things that makes me angry.

I do not like it when people act fake or flirtatious to me to get what they want. I will be more than happy to help out anyone without all the suggestive attitudes, the hugs, and blown kisses. I'm just saying.

I won't explain the actual situation for which this blog post is directed at, but it makes me angry. Well, no, actually it doesn't make me angry. It's kind of sad for the sake of humanity for people to go to so low blows.

Sometimes I find myself a bit lonely at times, but moments like these make me glad that I am. In the case of this particular scenario, I feel sorry for this particular lady's boyfriend. Most guys will try and go for the lady at the cost of anything or get the wrong signal from it all, but here's my logic. If she'll do it to him to get to you, she'll do it to the next guy. Maybe they like that kind of power and thrill, I suppose.

But it won't work with me. I'm not a doormat that can be walked all over. That's the end of that.

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