Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Operation: Grandma -- Action/Stealth/Comedic Game Concept

Hammerhead in Twisted Metal III - blame this for part of the inspiration.

I felt like I wanted to post this here, in fact I could care less if people take the idea and decide to further develop it. (I don't think people will care enough to even bother taking my concepts, but just covering my bases.)

Those who know me well know that I have a very strange and absurd sense of humor, I want my next project to be less serious and  way more lighthearted. I also want to try something that's not an RPG! I was given a lot of different game concepts, but I want to try something a bit different.

How it started:

So, a few months ago I pitched a game concept to the IGDA Facebook board about a game centered around a grandmother as a protagonist. In the response, I was just looking to be creative, but in the time since then I've been thinking about the game concept and I'm looking to expand it further maybe late-next year after Selatria is completed.

Given the launch of the upcoming OUYA console, I would really like to start developing games for that console with my independent game label.  I'm thinking this would be the perfect game idea for that.


Tired of her boring life stuck in a retirement home after being placed by her evil son-in-law, 89-year old Betty plans to escape. She has to overcome obstacles sneaking out of the place, and has to maneuver around town avoiding officials and family members who want to send her back.

She'll have to learn technology, city streets, and the modern world in order to keep her freedom and avoid the prison that is her retirement community.

Possible Weapons:

-Purse (Hard hitting, but lose some money every-time it is swung)
-Cane/Walker (Several different weapons)
-Painkillers (Cause temporary invulnerability)
-Shopping Cart
-Glasses, if dropped or broken, vision can become blurry.
-Baseball Bat
-Smartphone - Contains GPS that tells her if family or the administrators from the retirement home are nearby and looking for her.

Given that the person is elderly, there will have to be a stealth element in the game. It will be less of beat-em-up and running, but more of strategic hiding and maneuvering while moving slowly around town.

Possible Game Features:

-Reputation bar. Goes up when doing favors for different people in town. Goes down when you beat up people with cane/weapon.
-3D Open world
-Ability to date different people. Ranging from fellow  seniors, to acting as a cougar and going for younger guys. Can affect reputation positively/negatively depending on actions done.
-Adult kids driving around looking for you at random to which you'll need to avoid.
-Recruit grandchildren to do some of the bidding/missions for you.


Anyway, I'm going to continue developing this idea, I don't have the development manpower (nor the time) to develop the game any further than a concept at the moment due to other commitments, but when time opens up and I get the OUYA next year, I'm going to begin developing this concept for it.

If you guys have any suggestions or may be interested in joining the project when it comes to fruition, let me know!


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