Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Selatria Auditions: Part III (Updated: 10/16)

Updated with new roles --  October 16, 2012
Updated with information on types of files accepted -- October 16, 2012

(Pronounced Sell-a-tree-a!)


Selatria is an independently directed and produced role-playing game (RPG) published under the RPG Maker VX engine. Unlike most RPG Maker games, Selatria uses a completely original soundtrack, original monster art, unique sprites, an original spin on the battle system, and utilizes voice acting. Selatria has been in production since January 2011 and is expected to finish in August 2013. A demo of Chapter 1 can be played here.

The story revolves around two teenagers who are exiled from their home when it is taken over by an invading empire. Confused and enraged, they adventure and obtain the help from others who are involved in the conflict to try to reclaim their home and find out who and why this empire is attacking.

Chapter 1 Trailer:

Main Characters:

Expected Release Date of Game:

August 20, 2013. We are hoping to make a debut at AM^2 anime convention booth in Anaheim next year.


None currently. No one in the current development team is currently being paid for contribution. There will be a profit-sharing plan in place once the game goes live, and each team member will have a percentage in ownership of the game. Most of us are using this as an opportunity to expand portfolio/resume.

Roles Available:

*Denotes a long term role. The game has six chapters and each chapter takes roughly two months to complete. New lines may be provided every two months until completion of the game in August 2013. Keep this in mind. We may keep in contact with you!

***Prospective voice actors and development team members must look over and agree to our development team agreement after being cast.***

-Narrator/Morgen (Old friend of Luis)* (Male or Female) (Audition Script
-Evil Dakk'rian Emperor/Empress* (Male or Female) (Audition Script)
-Cannoneer (Male or Female) (Audition Script)
-Resident (Male or Female) (Audition Script)
-Heiveir City Chairman (Politician like role) (Male or Female) (Audition Script)
-Doctor (Male or Female) (Audition Script)
-Delusional Fairy (Male or Female) (Audition Script)
-Engineer (Male or Female) (Audition Script)
- (NEW) Young Morgen (Male or Female) (Audition Script)
- (NEW) Faylien Soldier A  (Male or Female) (Audition Script)
- (NEW) Faylien Soldier B (Male or Female) (Audition Script)
- (NEW) Faylien Soldier C (Male or Female) (Audition Script)

Other Positions Available:

If you're looking for other positions related to the game that aren't voice acted. We can use you! Please come to this link for details.


Submissions for auditions can be emailed to "groverwimberly@gmail.com" or "ultknightgrover@gmail.com". Please use subject line "Selatria Audition: [Insert Role Here]".

Alternatively, submissions can be sent via the Voice Acting Alliance thread Jabari will be posting. (I'll provide the link once it goes up.)

Formats for submissions accepted: .mp3, .WAV, .ogg

Deadline for submissions will be Thursday, November 8, 2012 at Midnight (Pacific Time).


Good luck on your auditions! I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

-Grover, Selatria Producer/Director

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