Thursday, October 18, 2012

Selatria will probably be my last RPG project.

I've determined that Selatria will probably be my last RPG project.

I'm pouring my heart and soul into the game and feel like I have done what I wanted to do with the genre. I've been in a team with very talented and understanding people and the project is coming along very nicely.

I have every intent to finish it by August 2013 with the best quality of a game that I can, but after I think I would like to develop more casual games on other genres. I would like to look into development for the Ouya since it's Android based and I can exercise some practice in Java.

I would also like to mention that I bear no ill will to RPG Maker or RPG Maker developers. I love the program, I think it's a great tool to simplify the complexity in all of the coding that is needed to make a RPG. My philosophy is not the engine or programming used to make the game (assuming not plagiarized or illegal), but the fun of the game itself.

That's all. :)
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