Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What RPG Maker means to me

RPG Maker will always be a program that I hold dear. I first learned about it when I was 10 years old going to EBGames for used PlayStation games and found a copy of the original RPG Maker on the PS1 console. After being initially confused by the mechanics of it, I played Gobli's Quest demo and learned how events worked and I was hooked after that.

In 2005, I picked up RPG Maker XP and began working on my first game I had designed on paper. I was going to work on that game for the PS1 iteration, but it turned out to be too limiting. I'm ashamed of it now (it's cheesy, trust me), but I worked on it for six years and I now feel like I mastered the art of XP eventing.

In 2008, I graduated high school, and because of making these games in my spare time, I wanted to go into the realm of game development as a career as well as a hobby. I took up Computer Science and Game Design and learned the ins and outs of standard programming which I used those fundamentals to understand the Ruby scripts in RPG Maker. I just graduated with my degree this past summer and I'm currently working on my own independent game development label!

I'm currently working on a game called "Selatria" with a mixed team between my friends, hobbyists, former classmates I've met in university, and professional and aspiring voice actors, musicians, and artists. I'm currently using a mix of scripts that were freely distributed (with permission of course) as well for the first time, Ruby scripts that I have made on my own.

If it weren't for RPG Maker, my whole career path would have likely been much different. I wouldn't have been interested in any game development, and would have gone down a totally different route in life (likely business or a more conventional field.) I'm very grateful that RPG Maker was a starting step in order to go into professional game development, and I'm hoping very soon my hobby will become more of a dream career.

Screenshots and videos are below: 
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