Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Anime Vegas 2012 - What a Weekend (Part 1)

It was a pretty fantastic weekend, there were two events that I was really looking forward to, and I was somehow able to make both. Anime Vegas 2012 convention from Saturday-Monday, and the end of the world cataclysmic event of Final Fantasy XIV that signified the closure of the current version and the transition to "Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn" (That'll be Part 2.)

Anime Vegas: 

We left California around 11PM ish Friday night and got into Vegas at around 2AM Saturday morning. There's just something I love about driving into the brightest city in the world in the middle of the night where one can truly enjoy the splendor that Las Vegas has to offer. I really love the atmosphere of the town, I wouldn't mind moving there. I've already applied to several jobs in the area so maybe I could make it a permanent residence. I have talked to some friends who would like to move with me if that dream were to come true, so I wouldn't be living on my own.

I went with three of my friends: Jabari, Jon, and Shadoe. These three are usually the ones I go to conventions with, Shadoe and Jon are the ones that make my cosplays, and they're really talented at doing it. I have to thank them a million times over for doing my Moon and Sazh costume.

Okay, I think I got off on a tangent again. Time for pictures!

Pictures from Anime Vegas 2012!

Day 1: We were FFXIII characters. I was Sazh, Shadoe was Hope (the top pictures are the "formal version" of the cosplay for the dance), and Jon was Snow.

Day 2: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask characters. Shadoe was Link, Jon was Majora, and I was the Moon! (Three Days!)

Day 3: We went as cosplays people seemed to like most. Shadoe was Hope, Jon was Snow, and I was the Moon!

On Day 2, we went to a random casino in our costumes, and people seemed to really like it! Link/Majora got their pictures taken, unfortunately I didn't go as the Moon, can't eat a fine buffet in that costume >.<

Next year, Anime Vegas is going to be on Labor Day weekend instead of Veterans' Day weekend. Looking forward to going next year!

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