Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Selatria - Development Blog Entry 11/27

Progress on the game is coming well! Fundraising for the game is going to begin in early January, and that includes pre-orders. The proceeds from that I'm hoping to commission the current team as well as get some needed resources in order to have a completed project in a timely fashion.

So far I'm going to do that on Indiegogo and Kickstarter, if you guys have any other suggestions for fundraising techniques, send 'em my way. And damn, I just remembered I need to get a business card too. I keep forgetting!

I'll be starting a Development Video Log on YouTube so please subscribe if you would like regular updates of the project. I'll be posting them on this blog too, but I always appreciate the support. :)

Here are some screenshots of what's to come. (The raft is a placeholder graphic. What could it be? :P ) 'Sides, I can't think of any wooden rafts that can go over lava!

I would post videos but cut-scenes are still being tweaked, and it wouldn't be any fair to upload game footage when appropriate sounds/voices/music is still being worked on and finalized.


There's also an installer being worked on, too! If things go well with the project and/or the game is well-received when completed, I would love to port the game to the more professional JavaScript-based Sphere engine for a Linux version (possibly open it up to future mobile versions?).

But my ultimate goal right now is to finish the Microsoft Windows-version.

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