Friday, November 23, 2012

First Loves

November is a very special month for me. Did you know that?

I knew I was in love with a person I was with in November seven years ago and we got together around this time. (Was it before or after Thanksgiving? Who knows.) Unfortunately for a variety of reasons (one - we were both too immature), things never worked out, and eventually went separate ways.

But that experience did change my whole aspect on life. I went from being a very selfish heartless person to one who likes to take charge, and put things together, and one who isn't afraid to be himself. If people don't like me for who I am, then they shouldn't like me at all.

Anyway, since that ended, I have become some sort of matchmaker, and go figure they started their relationships in November.

Two couples in particular, one was a friend that I met in Final Fantasy who came all the way across the country to be with a classmate I went to school with. They would have never met each other had they not posted on one of my silly Facebook status update jokes.

The other couple we actually went to an anime convention together her, him, my best friend, and myself. My best friend and I looked down and up and BAM they were gone! Totally went off on their own. Fast forward a few months to when I was taking over a video group and put together one of our first productions, and they ended up heavily flirting with each other. Well after some time, I just told them to get on my computer and make their relationship official. So I always take credit for putting them together. (haha)

Well, go figure, both couples I mentioned got together the same day - November 6, 2010 and they're both still together!


It makes me happy. To see that people are so much a match for each other. In my opinion that makes it more worthwhile to me then being in a relationship itself.

...Where was I going with this again?