Sunday, December 2, 2012

Game Design Philosophy: Selatria -- Primer System

(Fans of Western RPGs will like this post. Maybe.)

I always like seeing when people play games and use or power up their characters to do things the way they were unintended. But at the same time, I like to limit the characters to what they can do. It can always go in two ways:

If you limit the player too much, the game becomes predictable and monotonous.
If you give the player too much freedom in character development, then everyone can learn and be maxed on everything. That's no fun either.

The use of primers will be needed in order to fight some of the tougher optional bosses, but will not be required in order to advance through the storyline.

An infinite number of primers can be bought, and while there will be a chance that one can get stat bonuses from them, after a certain number of uses of the primer, the character will only be able to get HP or AP in 1 point increments in order to prevent the game from becoming too easy.
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