Friday, December 21, 2012

Whim Independent Studios - Development Log #1

Hey all! I'm planning to write this new section of development logs in order to track the progress of the studio. Well, at least for now. After the studio is all set up and running, I'm going to be using the development log for a lot of things. Game progress, Kickstarter/Indiegogo backer updates, etc.

First of all, I wanted to say thanks to two of my friends Paul and Matt they've been invaluable help in order to get this started and off the ground from the get-go. For the past two weeks or so we've been cleaning up the office space we'll be using. It was originally a bunch of dusty unused rooms that we've cleaned up and set things up in order to get things running.

The office has a development room, kitchen, bathroom, Lead Programmer's (Matt's) office, Human Resources (Paul's) office, and my own office is going to be in the main development room.

I wanted to get some FAQs of the studio out of the way, too! 


Whim Independent Studios - An independent game development company. Established in 2009, but became official in late 2012 once the proper forms were filled out. Currently producing Selatria and an upcoming game on the Unity engine.


I wanted to put together a small game studio in San Bernardino that develops games. We don't have one. Most game companies require years of experience in order to get that dream position. I want to lead a team to do games and people can use the small company in order to build that needed experience or stick around if they wish.

Either way, it's a win-win situation.


San Bernardino, CA. About 60 miles east of Los Angeles. I am not planning on posting the exact address for a while. :) You'll need to be a member of the Selatria or the game studio to get that information!


Our first meeting will be January 12th, 2013. We're currently cleaning the studio and making preparations.


I'll only post the people who were confirmed to be on board for now. The team is subject to change, and we'll see who will be affiliated with us come the 12th. :)

Here is who committed so far!

Paul Vela (Co-Founder, Human Resources/Finances)
Matthew Estrada (Co-Founder, Lead Programmer)
Jonathan Dishaw (Unity Designer/Programmer)
Robert Reynolds (Unity Designer/Programmer)
Kevin de la Cueva (3D Modeler/Programmer)
Gerren Willis (Programmer)
Andrew Franks (3D Modeler)
Nikolay Figurin (User Interface/Pixel Artist)
Kyle Elder (Programmer/Designer)
Christopher Nuño (Composer) 
Donald Brown (Sound Designer/SFX)


Hmm, picture time?

Human Resources/Contracts Room (Paul dubs this as the room "where imagination goes to die"):

Whim Independent Studios Mascot(?)

One of the studio computers that had to be taken home for repairs. :(

The studio itself will get pictures soon. I was thinking of showing pictures of it as we clean it up, but it wouldn't do it justice. The walls still need cleaning and possibly paint before its ready for the public eye, and I'm going to be restricting who can see it to current team members first and once things are ready for public view, pictures will be in a future post!

Until next time!

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