Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Selatria July 2012 Demo going offline March 1

Hey guys, the July 2012 version of the Selatria demo will be taken offline on Friday, March 1st.

We've gotten the feedback we were looking for in the past 8 months and a new updated demo version will be posted when the fundraising phase goes live!

For those that wanted to download it before it's taken offline temporarily and play the build you can download it here:

[Saved data from this version won't carry over to the updated demo or the retail release. Sorry!]



Sunday, February 24, 2013

Awesome late-February is awesome.

This will be an interesting week for blogs. I haven't updated in a few days, but new developments are coming. I'm a FFXIV Legacy Member, so stuff I can't talk about will happen on ...that point.

We cast a new member for a voice acting role for Selatria at the studio, and some new artwork for Selatria will be shown in an upcoming Development Log later this week.

I'm still debating on whether or not to head north for GDC which is about a month from now. I'll save up and see how it is. I'd lose on precious development time when I could be staying here finishing up the needed pitch. Paying to go to GDC would also take me away from funds for an upcoming anime convention, which would have been good press for Selatria.

Bah, and you guys know how much I like anime conventions...

Anyway, I'll get it sorted out, hopefully! Until next post!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I'm unsure about how I feel about the PlayStation 4. It can't play PS1-3 games directly. Hmm...

Needs more information. And games. That'll be the end of that for now.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Whim Independent Studios - Development Log #6

See also: Updated Selatria Credits (February 2013)

Hey all! Back with the sixth development log! Today was an extra work day of sorts at the studio. Getting internet set-up and configured, Paul passing out NDAs, preparing to mail back people their contracts, and getting ready for phase 2 of planning Selatria out. (Indiegogo pre-orders is Phase 3 and Kickstarter is Phase 4!)

Internet is set up! Now to get the computers all situated...

 Paul Vela (Mr. Fun) planning out financial information!

I mentioned it before, but unfortunately Selatria's fundraising pitch is going to be delayed. Likely until March. I want to make sure all of the assets are a go, and we have a strong pitch for funders to be confident in supporting us in our venture! 

That aside, I would like to say the game studio is coming along very well. A lot of my personal funds are going into making it work out, and from the progress we've been making since we've started setting up in December, I think it's really beginning to pay off.

Onto the projects, Selatria is making good pace. As always, we're a little behind on where we should be. But quality is better than speed, no?

Upcoming Selatria Battle System Improvements:

Here is some game footage with some of the upcoming visuals. I apologize for Moths that are using a color swap of the Bees, there will eventually be updated finalized art for those concepts. (See "New Concept Art" below!) 

You may notice that an ongoing glitch in the demo if you've played it is that if someone executes a team attack before their turn goes, the turn is skipped. Unfortunately, it's seen in the above demo as well when Mage casts "Bolt" and it's skipped when he chains with a Fire spell. I just fixed the issue and it'll be finalized where Mage casts "Bolt" to stun an enemy, Melanie can trigger a chain with "Fire Blade", and Mage will chain on top of "Fire Blade" with an additional "Fire" spell.

With the timing of Team Attacks, one can unleash a chain of attacks and spells to make the above battle end much quicker than it's presented. Do keep in mind that two of the four characters are fairly under-leveled in the footage.

Some future changes I would like to make to the battle system to also make it more interesting: I would like to make some adjustments to Team Attacks so that chaining will add EXP and damage bonuses, as well as show some special graphics when a chain is achieved. A multiplier, perhaps?

New Concept Art:

Here are some upcoming monster concepts.

The following monster concepts are by Erik Boismier, these will appear in the forest area above and replace some of the placeholders!

And here are some new monster concepts by Chris Guerrero, one of our newest artists in the team. You'll see these monsters come in on Chapter 3!

Invites to the Studio to test out Selatria:

I'll start asking those who are interested to stop by the studio and play through some of our projects and give feedback. There are plans on inviting from the most hardcore of gamers who will try to rip the game apart, to inviting people who have never played a game in their lives. The different perspectives are needed in order to determine if the game is too easy or too hard at the appropriate spots. More info to come on this in the future, though!

Updated Selatria Credits:

It's been a long time coming, and I apologize for not doing it earlier. This reflects the updated team as of, well, today. The voices on the demo are outdated, and unfortunately some left (or resigned from an active role) in the project because they couldn't commit time to it any longer, and had to be re-cast. The new voices will be reflected in an upcoming demo of the game that will be released simultaneously with our upcoming fundraising pitch.

Check out all of the wonderful people that caused this project to be a go!

Updated Selatria Credits

And that's about it for this update. Until next time!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Selatria Team Credits as of 2/18/2013

"Selatria" Copyright (c) 2011-2013 Whim Independent Studios, The Selatria Development Team, All Rights Reserved.

Producer/Director/Game Design and Concept:
Grover Wimberly IV

Co-Director/Talent Director and Casting:
Jabari Lewis-Smith

Game Concept/Design Team:
Grover Wimberly IV (Battle System Design, Cutscenes, Mapping, Animations)
Matthew Estrada (Battle System Design, Cutscenes, Mapping, Animations)
William Merriam III (Mapping)
Andreas Engh (Mapping)
Jonathan Dishaw (Ability Design, Game Balance)
Jabari Lewis-Smith
Airen Blakovich

Storyline/Plot Team:
Grover Wimberly IV (Original Concept, Scenario Design, Writer)
Airen Blakovich (Original Plot, Writer)
Jonathan Dishaw (Script Revision, Writer)
Vikki Ceballos (Number 016 Backstory)
William Merriam III (Sidequests)
Jonathan Flynn

Art Team:
Jonathan Flynn (Artist, Character Concept Art/Expressions, Coloring)
Erik Boismier (Enemy/Monster Concept Artist, Character Shadowing)
Cristobal Guerrero (Enemy/Monster Concept Artist)
Hannah Bottenberg (Character Designer/Concept Art, Sprite Artist)
Jennifer Gilliland (Character Concept Art, Environmental Art, User Interface Icons)
Gyreck (Sprite Artist, Status Effect Artist)
Derrick Frainee (Main Logo Design)

Music/Sound Team:
Luke Simpson (Composer)
Christopher Nuño (Composer)
Jabari Lewis-Smith (Composer)
Jonathan Dishaw (Composer)
Elijah Lucian (Composer)
Shadoe (Composer/Sound Editor)
Donald Brown (Sound Effects)

Voice Acting Cast:     

---Main Characters:
Mage                            - Michael Shaftman
Melanie                        - Vikki Ceballos
Luis                              - River Kanoff
Number 016                 - Kristyn Mass
Gobby                          - Jonathan Flynn
Narrator                       - Michelle Deco

Number 015                - Anthony Hintzen
Commander Shaw      - Jonathan Dishaw
Dakk'rian Emperor     - Elijah Lucian
Monsters                     - Michael Shaftman

---Side Characters:
Hat                            - Bowie Alexander
Talker                       - Bowie Alexander
Merchant                  - Neil Stucky
Guard(2)                  - Michelle Deco
Cannoneer               - Chase Johnson
Heiveir Chieftain    - Lindz Steindler
Resident                  - Gabe Webb
Dakk'rianSoldierB  - Gabe Webb
Dakk'rianSoldierC  - Michelle Deco
Doctor                     - Michelle Deco

Production Assistance:
Jabari Lewis-Smith (Casting, Studio Audio Equipment)
Paul Vela (Financial Advisor, Team Production)

In-House Scripters:
Grover Wimberly IV
Matthew Estrada

External Scripts Used:
Map Effect Pack - NoorXp
Modified Map Name Script - Falcao, edited by Grover Wimberly IV/Matthew Estrada
Modified Custom Menu Script - Grover Wimberly IV
Modified Battle Result Script - Woratana, edited by Grover Wimberly IV

Tankentai Battle Script -

Original Script by:  Enu
English Localization:  Kylock, Mr. Bubble, Shu
Contributors & Special Thanks: Shu, Moonlight, NightWalker, Enelvon, Atoa, AlphaWhelp, blackmorning, Mithran, Kaduki, Enu      

Front-View Tankentai Battle System Script Add-On- Grover Wimberly IV
UI Command Icon Script: Grover Wimberly IV
Bow Attack Add-On : Matthew Estrada


Production - Special Thanks:

Juan Nevares

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Why I continue to watch Toonami.

Because of speeches like this. The shows are great, don't get me wrong. But it's the inspirational messages they put that really hit home. All of us have had moments where life just likes to give you unexpected snags, and they put an overarching message we can all relate to. It really lifts the mood and keeps me going.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Another year! Another Valentine's Day! ...Single Awareness Day, something! I get to have a date with Uncle Sam and plan out tax information for Selatria. There goes all of my extra money! No, I'm kidding. Sort of... Do you realize how much it costs to get internet a month in a business area? That's highway robbery if you are ever put in such a position. Don't let their "costs" fool you. The setup fees are outrageous...

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Valentine's Day.


So, for the past few years I've been in I would call it "deep appreciation" for this girl. I've known her since late-2010 or so, and she's been involved with several projects of mine.

I can honestly say I've never met a girl who is anything like her. She's very unique and does things based on how she is and how she wants to be rather than trying to meet some sort of expectation from others. And I truly think that is admirable. 

Everything from the way she talks and listens to others (You'd be surprised at how many people I talk to that just shrug off a conversation to "cool" and "nice"- it's very annoying and you think they don't even care), to the way she giggles cutely at jokes we make when we're working together, it's very genuine. I greatly admire that about her.

Last year's Valentine's Day, I left her an anonymous message hoping that she would never change who she is on the inside because there are people that really adore that in a person and would do anything to be with them. She responded saying that it was very sweet that someone would take the time to say that about her, and it's probably because no one has took the time to truly appreciate who she is. (Or was just too shy to.) 

Realistically speaking, if she knew that I was the one who said it, things would probably be awkward. We're just friends and I don't see that ever changing, and in all reality, I probably prefer it to be that way. I don't want to potentially ruin a healthy friendship. But you can't help but wish there were more people in the world who were just as special as she is.

I'm debating on writing her a new note for later today. I know she doesn't read this blog, and I assume it's vague enough that no one is going to have an idea of who I am talking about anyway. So she won't know it'll be from me. We'll see!

And before anyone jumps on the "just tell her in-person" bandwagon: That's just who I am. My joy every Valentine's Day comes from being able to see the ones you care about and appreciate be happy. I am a behind-the-scenes kind of guy. I am happy if the people I like and associate myself with are also happy just by knowing there is someone out there who accepts them for who they are. That's what everyone wants, right? :)

Obligatory song for 2013. Last year was "Something About You" by Level 42. This year, I am picking a video game theme. I think it fits. It's a sweet song called "Pulifia Flowers" from one of my favorite games.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Selatria Fundraising Phase Start Date: Delayed!

Fundraising phase for Selatria is going to be delayed, but not by too long (I hope.)!

I want to make sure I'm happy with the implemented art concepts, some of the improved dialogue/voices, new music, and a tweaked battle system before filming game footage. Only one chance for a good first impression for the public, right?

Working on an updated demo as well so potential backers can see what we've done to the game since last July. :) Besides, I've heard that starting a funding campaign on a Saturday is a very...VERY bad idea.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Selatria - New Open Position: Trailer Video Editor!

Anyone in the Los Angeles/Orange County/Inland Empire area good with video editing? Looking to work on a video pitch for Selatria Indiegogo/Kickstarter. You would have to be able to come down to our game studio so we can meet in-person. As with the rest of the Selatria team, you would be commissioned a percentage of the proceeds.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Announcements : Likes and Dislikes

Note: This is only going off official announcements so far. I can't comment on any non-sanctioned Alpha/upcoming Beta game-play due to existing NDAs in place. I will be using official released videos/dev tracker/producer letters as sources for this post. So no cease-and-desist orders, okay?

"A Realm Reborn" will be going into beta testing phase 1 very soon, as a Legacy member, I will have the opportunity to play phase 1 of the beta test. I wanted to publicly express what I like and dislike about the new remade version of FFXIV based off official announcements and translations we have had so far. 


Improved Targeting Mechanics/New Server Architecture/HUD:

Levequests/Targeting System: @1:17
Party HUD: @2:42


The most important aspect of the list. Targeting mechanics in FFXIV 1.0 were very awful. There were some temporary "band-aid" like fixes to the targeting system to hold us over, (Target Mode A/B/C) but it required completely changing the game configuration in order to play different jobs.

For example, when playing Paladin/Gladiator, I would have Target Mode set to "All" so I could target party members for abilities like "Cover" as well as hold hate against the enemy and heal myself if I need to. When playing Black Mage/Thaumaturge, I would have the target mode set to "Enemy Only" so I could focus on nuking/targeting enemies efficiently. White Mage was the worst of them all. At first I would have "Party Only" in order to just heal/buff party members, but when I started using it for Hamlet Defense, it wouldn't work for healing/buffing the NPCs, so I needed to go to "All" which required quickly tabbing through all of the monsters to get to where I needed. Frustrating!

According to the video above, "A Realm Reborn" seems to be doing away with the differing targeting modes and have it based on different actions themselves hoping making the ordeal of playing a variety of different jobs/classes much easier. 

Server Architecture:

Targeting was the most important on the list, and this has to be the aspect that the the most frustrating.

For "A Realm Reborn", servers have been re-coded and re-designed from scratch to be more efficient.

Like it or not, most of Final Fantasy XIV 1.0's difficulty came from how well you and your party can adjust to lag and latency in the fights themselves.

In fighting Ifrit: Hard Mode, there were cracks that appeared on the ground. It was your responsibility to be able to avoid the cracks before they erupted with fire. (It would seriously damage, if not, kill you if you did not run away.) It's a fun little move, and adds some moving dynamic to the fight itself, and that's fine. However, I think the developers underestimated how much lag/latency plays an issue to how well people succeed in the fight. Especially in Ifrit: Extreme Mode on my server,  I hear stories that parties were 'almost' forced to use players based in Japan in order to give them the heads up that a move was taking place, because the game was so slow in executing the move that by the time it appears, your HP is already dropping.

In the Garuda primal fight, the difficulty came from how well you can get out of the way from the tornadoes, and avoiding her dashes if you were unfortunate enough to not do enough damage. The fight itself was a big gear check. The fight had three distinct phases, and by the time of 1.0's end, most players found a way to skip the second phase entirely to get her to the last phase and finish her off from there. But to those who had to bear through the second phase, getting to the other side of the battlefield from where she was was a minor obstacle. (Teleporting to the middle was a sure fire death, even running behind her you never had enough time due to server latency.)

Nael Van Darnus was better designed to handle the latency. The main lag in that fight was the occasional laser shoot beam thingy. At first, I had trouble getting to avoid that as a tank, but then I developed a method to avoid it. ("One-mississippi, two-mississippi, RUN!") and even though I got hit by the laser animation, I never took any damage, it considered me avoiding it. Huh.

Players in Europe had the most problems playing the game due to the extreme latency and distance from the Japanese-based servers.

The usual response I get from fellow players on this issue goes along the lines of "It was easy!", "Play better next time", or the like. I won't disagree that there isn't room for improvement gear-wise, but it would be an outright lie to say that most of the skill in these fights come from not the obstacles themselves but how well you get used to the lag/delay on the moves themselves.

In "A Realm Reborn", servers are going to be based out of different data centers world wide. As well as the game utilizing an MMO-friendly engine rather than a modification of Final Fantasy XIII's Crystal Tools game engine. I'm hoping with these two major improvements, players would be able to react based on their actual skill and intuition rather than the latency. Well, a game is always going to have lag/latency. No one has a perfect internet connection, but reducing it as much as possible goes a long way.

Improved HUD:  


In the video above, the new HUD shows what party members are casting at all times. It seems a bit insignificant, but in the events I posted above (Ifrit, Garuda, Nael Van Darnus) we would always parse the amount of damage people did in each fight and we would be somewhat puzzled when the total damage outputs looked something like this:

Black Mage 1: 22969

Black Mage 2: 20780
Black Mage 3: 11220

See a big discrepancy there? Chances are, Black Mage #3 wasn't doing his/her share of the spells. In some early cases, I was Black Mage #3. But what happened to fix that was people would ask me what spells I was casting, and we were able to fix it after the run ended and I was able to be Black Mage #2. I was never Black Mage #1. XD

But the point is, the party slots can be organized by job, and we can figure out who the bad apple is and try to correct the casting as the battle is going rather than try and fix it afterwards or even worse than that, them not knowing the reasons on what they're casting and why.

For example, we were doing an event, and one of the Black Mages was using Flare, and Blizzard/Blizzara for little to no damage. They were unaware that Flare is radial around the caster and won't hit mobs from a distance, Blizzard and Blizzara are similar but more of a "get the hell out of dodge" run away spells more or less. By seeing them cast in the HUD, we can stop them immediately and tell them to stick to the spells more appropriate for the situation. 

FATE System:

The FATE System stands for "Full Active Time Event" (ha, Final Fantasy IX reference!) . Players will be able to come together and are automatically partied up to do an in-game event. While the game term is from FFIX, it has been likened to that of recent MMO "Guild Wars 2" in its implementation of dynamic in-game events.

It has been confirmed so far that FATE will be used for Chocobo Escort missions, Hamlet Defense Battles, and an upcoming battle against the Behemoth and other notorious monsters.

There will be 5-10 FATE events per zone. Maybe some achievements for doing FATEs too? That would be lovely.

Since Hamlet is changing to what I understand to be an open-world defense battle... how will getting relic quest items change I wonder?

Possible Removal of Speedruns as a primary requiremnt of getting gear?: 

It's been confirmed that gear you could only get via speedruns from dungeons will be a drop in "A Realm Reborn" such as Darklight gear. But the ways of getting them will change. However, from the above video, it seems that a time limit of some sort will remain.

Some interview questions and answers from JPGames Interview:

JPGames-Frederick: And what about the time limit on current dungeon raids? Will they remain in A Realm Reborn?

Yoshida: The raids in the current version are basically things we have put together with very limited methods and that is why they are limited at the moment. This is not what we want to do in A Realm Reborn, we want to create many different things. Expect that instanced raids in the new version will be a lot of fun. We will probably remove the time attack type of system where you are fighting against a boss. Yeah, our instanced raids will have many different settings where you have to go through in order to make it to the final boss. 

JPGames-Frederick: So it will possibly take a lot of time to clear those dungeons?

Yoshida: Yeah.

Limit Breaks:

Still too early to see how this will come out, but I would like to see how Limit Breaks work and how often they can be used.



What class you start as determines your starting nation:

It's been confirmed that what class/job you start off as determines where you end up in. The class/job matches the guild.

For example, the Conjurer's, Lancer's, and Archer's guild is in Gridania. The Marauder's and Arcanist's guild starts in Limsa Lominsa, and the Gladiator's, Pugilist's, and Thumaturge's Guilds are in Ul'dah.

This bugs me greatly. If I was a new player, and I wanted to be a Gridanian, I would need to start as a Lancer, Archer, or Conjurer.

Limsa Lominsa is going to be shafted in the newbie department because they get 1/3 less players by default. Gridania gets three classes to where people end up, Ul'dah gets three classes, and Limsa only two. 


Spiritbinding prevents trading to others or re-selling gear:

Spiritbonding is when points goes to your gear and weapon when you begin to equip and use it. Once a weapon is 100% spiritbonded, you can choose to convert your gear into materia to attach onto better gear.

Confirmed on Friday that once an item has had one point of Spiritbond attached to it, it will not be tradable/sellable.

This is a touchy subject. I can see WHY they did it, for economic purposes in the game, and simplying the process.

But there should be some kind of fee or penalty and be able to un/de-spiritbond an item. Prices for multiple-melded pieces of equipment are going to skyrocket because people will either craft them to sell or wear.


Wow, that was a longer rant than I expected. Well, I'll see how these events will play out in the beta. I'm mostly optimistic. We'll see!


Friday, February 8, 2013

Whim Independent Studios - Development Log #5

Hey guys, back with the 5th Development Log! This one will be mostly about Selatria development.


It's the day after auditions and only two people arrived! I didn't realize how unreliable people could be. Next time, we plan on having a more organized audition sheet. People will need to provide first and last name, email, phone number, and a time they would like to come to the studio to audition rather than just the first two. Saves us time, and makes us look a bit more professional. However, those who came to audition were very great at performing the roles they auditioned for. So maybe some time was saved in the long run having to sift through audition after audition.

As for development on the game itself, I'm currently working on implementing more voices into the game. We ran into a little problem last week or so. The in-game voices were only coming out of the left speaker! The problem ended up being that the recordings were done with Stereo but only one microphone, or something like that. A bit of going into the files and changing all of the voiced lines from stereo to mono solved that problem. Luckily on a 2D RPG, nobody would tell the difference. On a 3D project, there could have been some problems there...

Also, there's work being done on the animation for casting spells. If you played the demo of the game, you'll notice that every little thing had a casting animation. Monster attacks like a "Bird Claw Attack" for example would have magic casting animation. Or when Luis was trying to remember how to cast a spell, that would use a magic casting animation. We're planning on dumping the casting animation for everything but "actual" spells!

Here's a preview of the new casting animation, done by Matthew Estrada. We decided to dump the default "transmutation circle"-esque casting animation for a more unique one.

Last and certainly not least: Here's a new in-development shot with some of the new mountain terrain assets by our game artist, Jennifer Gilliland. You can check out her art here.

The game is coming along very beautifully. I wanted the game to stand out before it was ready for the fundraising pitch, and it's going great! For the most part, the team is getting along very well and are all-in on keeping me updated on what they can do to improve on the game.

I love the collaboration aspect of it all, it's very exciting!

A few days ago, I posted that the Indiegogo pitch will go live on February 23rd. Next week will be spent getting that set up and written so it's ready to be posted. Then it comes to filming the game footage for the debut pitch trailer. At least I'm calling it as such. 


I will say this much. If the game really gets off the ground, I'm going to invite all of the local team and head to a restaurant somewhere using my share of the proceeds. You can hold me to that!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

The night before Ch3 Voiceover Auditions!

Voice acting auditions at the studio in the morning! Jabari told me there will be 17 people coming.

Lots of moderating to do. Also, Hell's Kitty programming, Selatria indiegogo pitch rough draft document, and internet set up.

So much to do, I wish I was doing this more than three days a week. Perhaps there will come a time when that's a reality!

Well, we'll see how the funding turns out. :)


Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's been a while since I've talked about FF MMOs, hasn't it?

Viva Eorzea 5 Minutes before Dalamud Impact

It's been a while since I've blogged about Final Fantasy MMOs.

Since Dalamud crashed, I've kind of been wandering in lack of MMO-land until "A Realm Reborn" hits beta testing.


My thoughts on FFXI/Adoulin:

In the meantime, I've heavily considered coming back to Final Fantasy XI, and old friends have suggested I come back to that game, but despite the announcement of "Seekers of Adoulin", I still think the game has grown largely stagnant. MMOs are nice but without a story to play on, I'm just not interested. I think my Vana'diel days will remain in the past for now.


Viva Eorzea:

In terms of Final Fantasy XIV, I'm coming back with Viva Eorzea in full swing, though we will likely move to a North American server. We've switched things up, though. The vision of the linkshell in 1.0 was to recruit as many people as possible, but due to the changes in the game, We're changing it to be more of a small close-knit LS that gets things done on our own. With most events requiring a party of 8 and some raids requiring 24 people, it shouldn't be that big of a deal, luckily.

Oh! Voice chat. If I had the option, I hope voice chat isn't as integral to success in ARR that it was in 1.0 (but it probably still will be). Instead of paying to use Ventrilo or the like, we've settled on RaidCall, a free voice chat service. It is (to my great surprise) a really good program, and like I said, free!

Our LS Room is...

Room: Viva Eorzea
Room ID: 5547535

and my username is "UltKnightGrover". Feel free to say hi. Unless you're an official member, you will be restricted to the Lounge or AFK rooms.

Did I mention I hate talking? I regularly mispronounce things and constantly stutter.
Anole = Anal
Marauder = Marooder

Oh, the list goes on. Try pronouncing "Qufim Island".


Character Creation:

Anyway, character creation...

We all get one free chance to re-create our character and retain our stats and what not. I'm debating on being either a dark-skinned hyur like my current build OR changing to a male cat-man with similar skin features as my Hyur. I'm largely undecided. We'll see! I do hope we get more hair options. I was unsatisfied with my hairstyle in 1.0. (See below)



I do love some of the new music. It seems most of the new themes are composed by Masayoshi Soken while still using "Answers" from Nobuo Uematsu as the main theme for the whole game in general.

I like Soken's compositions as they're more ambient and more fitting for a MMO and not as repetitive as Uematsu. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the old FFXIV themes, but the repetition doesn't have the appeal after a while. I hope the old FFXIV themes by Uematsu are used and restricted to cutscenes only. (And the victory theme stays in the game for...obvious reasons!)


Limit Breaks:

New adventures? New raids to complete! I'm looking forward to this. How frequent can they be activated, when is appropriate to trigger a Limit Break? It sounds exciting!


Score to Settle:

Oh yeah, see these people? They will die. Eventually! We have a score to settle in 2.0. :)

I'll be around in the first phase of the Beta due to my status as a Legacy Member. Until next time!


Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy February!

Happy February! Hope it's a good month for you all. Some good news!

Pre-orders of the game will begin on Saturday, February 23rd! Though there will be bonuses for contributing more than the prices below. (Bonuses: TBA) The prices of the game will be as follows:

$3 - Early Adopter Copy - Limited Amounts
$5 - Standard Edition of the Game for Digital Download

Other rewards will be announced when we get closer to the date! We will begin pre-orders on Indiegogo for Phase 1. Once the date for that ends, we will launch a Kickstarter pitch sometime after that.